Genre distributor Devilworks has obtained the world rights to an Australian noir thriller with a pretty great title: Burning Kiss.

The film centers around a detective and his daughter. Many years ago, his wife was killed in an auto “accident” that he was convinced was intentional…but he was never able to find the perpetrator. Now, a mysterious stranger has arrived who claims to know everything the man needs…but what’s his connection?

‘’We are thrilled to be onboard,” says Samantha Richardson, President at Devilworks. “Burning Kiss is an artistic, bold and downright gritty tale, told through a colorful noir lens.” The film stars Australian actors Liam Graham (Hounds of Love, OtherLife) and Alyson Walker (Selfie From Hell, another great title).

At the moment, an exact release window for Burning Kiss has yet to be determined. Devilworks only recently picked up the rights and the movie has just premiered at TIFF and will be screened again at Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow in Perth (that event takes place in October).

it may be 2019 before America or Europe sees Burning Kiss, but we’ll keep you posted once we learn of Devilworks’ plans for the film. In the meantime, watch this trailer.