Batman The Animated Newsletter #112

Batman: The Animated Newsletter
Weeks of March 18 – March 24, 2002
Volume 4, 2
Rated: PG (as with all other things Batman-related)


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On September 5 of this year, BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES will be celebrating its tenth anniversary of production. This ranges everywhere from the show itself to the comics based upon it to books, toys, video games, merchandising…everything started on this date.

As a way to celebrate, co-editor Dick Grayson has set up a page at his WORLD’S FINEST site where he has big things planned for this momentous occasion, including creator interviews, reviews, and a poll that will ultimately decide what the “best episode ever” is.

To check it out, go to this URL:
New episodes are on the horizon! Here’s what we can expect in the near future…

“Fury” (Pt. 1)
Airdate: Sunday, April 7, 2002

“Fury” (Pt. 2)
Airdate: Sunday, April 14, 2002

“Legends” (Pt. 1)
Airdate: Sunday, April 21, 2002

“Legends” (Pt. 2)
Airdate: Sunday, April 28, 2002
(see back issues for older info)

-Alex Ross has created the official poster to promote and advertise the 74th Annual Oscars this year. Take a look at the pic; does Oscar remind you of anyone?
-Adam West, star of the 1960s Batman TV series, will be interviewed in the upcoming special titled TV Road Trip. The program will air Sunday, April 7th at 9pm-11pm on the Travel Channel. West will reveal where the Batcave really is! Go here for more info: //
-Also, Canadian Batman fans may want to check out the new specialty channel “Action”, which airs the 1960’s Batman series on Saturday at 4:30pm (ET). Check local listings for showtimes.
-The following artists are selling artwork on eBay. The following are their names and Seller ID’s:
Terry Beatty:
Craig Rousseau: cerousseau
Tim Levins: tlevins
Min S. Ku: min3000gt

-CARTOON NETWORK has just ordered 26 more episodes of JUSTICE LEAGUE for its second season; this brings the total episode count up to 52.
-To read an interview with BTAS/STAS/BEYOND/JLA guru Rich Fogel, go here:
-The following is an entire episode-title listing for the first season of JLA:
#8, 9 Injustice For All
#14, 15 The Brave & The Bold
#16, 17 Fury
#18, 19 Legends
#20, 21 A Knight Of Shadows
#22, 23 Metamorphis
#24, 25, 26 The Savage Time

-Coming soon, John Delaney will be writing a JLA issue featuring both Aquaman and Poison Ivy.
A baffling series of jewelry-store heists puts the Dark Knight on the trail of an unlikely suspect…and a brand-new villain. There’s a mystery behind the mystery in “Façade.”
Cover: //
Catwoman returns! As she faces off with Batman during a foiled break-in, the Cat-burglar takes a bomb. The mystery of who planted it – and what Catwoman was really up to – is one the Dark Knight has to solve with his heart instead of his head, in an action-packed 50th issue!
Awesome Cover: //
Mr. Freeze is sprung from Arkham by Nora (the ex-wife he never got over) to formulate the compound that might return him – and the life they once shared – to normal. But love is blind. Featuring super-cool guest-art by Brad Rader (CATWOMAN) & Terry Austin (SUPERMAN ADVENTURES).
Cover: //
If you have ever wanted to own the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes, now’s your chance! Chronos, the Time Thief, has captured the members of the Justice League and is auctioning them off to the highest villainous bidder! Can the Justice League find a way out before they’re going, going, gone?
Cover: //
Meet the Fastest Fax Alive as the League’s speediest member tries to save time by traveling through the telephone lines – and accidentally dials a fax machine by mistake! But being flat as a pancake isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and when the fun of slipping under doorways wears off, the Flash thinks his career is over…until the Earth is invaded by amazingly thin creatures from the Second Dimension!
Cover: //
When the League learns that there’s a giant creature using the moon as a giant monster incubator, they do everything in their power to keep things stable. But as the gargantuan beast starts to hatch, the very Earth itself is threatened with certain doom! And when a stormy old foe uses the opportunity to create chaos, the Justice League finds themselves buffeted by the howling winds of fate!
Cover: //

-For more animated comic updates, go here:

-In May, DC will be releasing a selection of titled under the “DC FIRST” banner. One features the first encounter of Batgirl and the Joker – before she gets shot in the spine.
Cover: //
-Good things don’t last forever. Greg Rucka is leaving DETECTIVE COMICS as of DETECTIVE #775, the October issue. Ed Brubaker will be taking over DETECTIVE in his absence, as well as continue with BATMAN and CATWOMAN. He will still be working on GOTHAM CENTRAL, the new comic series focussing on the GCPD, with Brubaker in the future. For the full story, go here:
-It finally looks like AZRAEL: AGENT OF THE BAT is going to be cancelled! After eight years (and a number of recent years with poor sales), rumours are running rampant that the title may go under very soon. Even Dennis O’Neil, writer of the entire series, isn’t negating these rumours at this time.
-Originally slated for a January 16th release, THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN #2 has been pushed back until January 30th. Release dates for the third and final issue will also be revised in the near future.
Superman returns for another cameo in Gotham!
-ROBIN: YEAR ONE will be released as a trade paperback on April 3. Here’s the cover: //
-The BRUCE WAYNE: FUGUTIVE crossover is continuing until late July, with plans of a big finale. This makes it the second-longest Bat-crossover ever, second only to the immense year-long NO MAN’S LAND. In issues March through July, the cover of each chapter will feature a jigsaw puzzle piece that, when assembled, will show a face of the killer of Vesper Fairchild.
-HARLEY QUINN #21: Harley vs. The Demon

Chapter 4: BATGIRL #27; released April 3. Batgirl searches for evidence in the murder of Vesper Fairchild. Batman, Spoiler, and Oracle appear.
Cover: //
Chapter 5: DETECTIVE COMICS #769; released April 10. As Batman deals with the Lucky Hand triad, the GCPD grills Alfred for details on Bruce Wayne’s escape from prison.
Cover: //
Chapter 6: NIGHTWING #68; released April 10. Nightwing and Alfred search the Batcave for evidence to clear Bruce Wayne of the murder charges.
Cover: //
Chapter 7: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #28; released April 17. Robin discovers something in the murder mystery that makes him question Bruce Wayne’s guilt.
Cover: //
Chapter 8: DETECTIVE COMICS #770; released May 8. Another clue in Vesper’s murder is revealed; meanwhile, Batman comes into conflict with an agent of the organization known as Checkmate. Both seek to bring down the Lucky Hand Triad, and both are desperate to get a deadly shipment of drugs off the street.
Cover: //
Chapter 9: NIGHTWING #69; released on May 15. In order to prove that Bruce was framed for murder, Dick, Tim, and Alfred must prove that someone was able to break into the Batcave. But with miles of unexplored caves and Batman’s air-tight security system, can even Nightwing find a security gap?
Cover: //
Chapter 10: BIRDS OF PREY #43; released May 22. What is the mysterious connection between the final news story of Vesper Fairchild’s career and the break-ins at Wayne Manor? Oracle must find the connection, but when Alfred comes forward with even more evidence, the pieces begin to fall into place.
Cover: //
Chapter 11: BATMAN #603; released May 29. Old wounds are reopened as Batman is put on the one case he never expected. The Dark Knight is summoned to the bedside of a dying ex-cop, whose wish is to have Batman solve the one case the cop could never close: the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne! Guest-appearance by Catwoman! Plus, another piece to the Vesper murder is revealed.
Cover: //
Chapter 12: DETECTIVE COMICS #771; released June 5. It’s one thing to try and solve a murder. Being cleared of the crime is a different matter. While Batman struggles to build a new life, the shadow of the GCPD looms large.
Cover: //
Chapter 13: BATGIRL #29; released June 12. The Bat-team tries to piece them together by recreating the crime, with Nightwing playing the role of the killer and Batgirl, the victim.
Cover: //
Chapter 14: GOTHAM KNIGHTS #30; released June 19. What’s eating Azrael? And why is he using those closest to Batman as punching bags? Join us for the first part of a story where the Agent of the Bat plans to take over Batman’s cowl – permanently!
Cover: //
Chapter 15: AZRAEL #91; released June 19. Azrael’s deterioration takes a savage turn as guest-stars Batman, Robin and Nightwing struggle to keep up! With Jean Paul’s dementia increasing to match his super-strength, Batman feels responsible for all his new acts of violence, since he failed to stop Azrael’s career early on. But will his guilty conscience make him fall victim to an enraged Azrael?
Cover: //
BATMAN #604; released June 26. Batman returns to the place that started it all – Crime Alley – to think over the events of recent months (Vesper’s murder, his own arrest and escape, his abandonment of the Bruce Wayne persona). But it’s not a quiet moment of reflection. He runs into Catwoman, and they proceed to roof-hop all over Gotham, fighting thugs in between moments of deep thought.
Cover: //

-A new BATMAN movie trailer is on the net…sort of. Look under SCOOBY DOO in the trailer section of DARK HORIZONS:

-ONSTAR is holding a contest where a winner gets to have a walk-on role in whatever the next Batman movie will be.
-For more news on the BIRDS OF PREY TV series, go here:

-Vancouver radio station CKNW recently did an interview with Gillian Anderson (of X-FILES fame) in which she mentioned herself possibly getting a role in the next Batman movie.
-More confirmation on the 2004 release date of BATMAN: YEAR ONE. Darren Aronofsky’s next film, LAST MAN, is being filmed this summer, and YEAR ONE is likely his next project. This should start filming by mid-2003, aiming for a summer 2004 release date. Thanks to and the GOTHAM WEEKLY NEWS for this tidbit!
-Aronofsky is also saying that Ellen Burstyn, the star of another of his films (REQUIEM FOR A DREAM) will appear in his next film. This could be either YEAR ONE or another film he has on his slate, “LAST MAN”.
-There are also rumors that, on account of the popularity of the ONSTAR Batman commercials, the WB is looking for a suitable “unknown” actor to play Batman in YEAR ONE. (This same tactic was used when Christopher Reeve was chosen to play Superman and, to a lesser extent, the whole Michael Keaton fiasco.)

-No new news here.

-No new news here

-Don’t count on this one any time soon.

-No new news here. Don’t expect this movie to happen for quite a while. Development Hell, folks.

-Casting for the two main roles of the BIRDS OF PREY series is set! Apparently the Huntress will be a regular of the series (the daughter of Catwoman, who has apparently been murdered???), but she has yet to be cast.
BLACK CANARY: Rachel Skarsten; //
Apparently these other characters have yet to be cast: Det. McNally, “Nice Guy”, Larry Ketterly, Alfredd, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, and a Scarecrow-like villain.

-Nothing notable to speak of…yet.

-UbiSoft brought out a BTAS game for PLAYSTATION. Then a Superman game. Then they brought out a BTAS game for PS2 – and now they’re doing the same with Superman! To check out a preview for SUPERMAN: SHADOW OF APOKALIPS, go here!
-SMALLVILLE action figures are being released! Check out these pics:
-On June 12, 2002, look out for an animated Catwoman statue, featuring the feline fatale sitting atop a safe, also featuring Isis. It is done in the same general style as the Batgirl/Batsignal statue that was released last year. Go to // to check it out!
-A new Batman four-pack is in the works, RAVING TOY MANIAC reports! Another TOYS R US exclusive, it is due out in February and will feature repaints of Batman, Robin, Ra’s Al Ghul, and…you guessed it…Talia! (About time!)
This action figure line is on sale now! Each of the following figures have special glow-in-the-dark capabilities:
*Lunar Attack Batman
*Midnight Hunter Batman
*Night Fury Robin
*Nightshadow Batman
-There is also rumours of a Ventriloquist/Scarface four-pack, and a new “REVENGE OF THE PENGUIN” four-pack, featuring a new sculpt for Penguin, based on his nightclub-owner redesigns. Batman, Robin, and Nightwing are likely the other figures included.
Check out our BAT-MERCHANDISE section for more!
-A new animated statue is coming June 12! Check out this cool piece of Catwoman memorabilia:

For more BATMAN, SUPERMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, BATMAN BEYOND, and related stories and news, check out the WORLD’S FINEST NEWSPAGE at:


In coming months, the CARTOON NETWORK will have the ability to show all of the WB’s superhero series. Until these dates, only BATMAN BEYOND and JLA will be on the air. Here are the times all will be shown:

Beginning Feb. 10: (Sundays)
6pm (ET) – Justice League (new episodes premiere on Sundays)
6:30pm (ET) – Batman: The Animated Series

Beginning Feb. 23:
12:30pm (ET) – Justice League
10:00pm (ET) – Justice League (widescreen)
10:30pm (ET) – Batman Beyond
2:00am (ET) – Batman: The Animated Series
2:30am (ET) – Superman: The Animated Series


Mon 03-18-02 BEYOND #01 Rebirth (Pt. 1)

Tue 03-19-02 BEYOND #02 Rebirth (Pt. 2)

Wed 03-20-02 BEYOND #03 Black Out

Thu 03-21-02 BEYOND #04 Golem

Fri 03-22-02 BEYOND #05 The Winning Edge

Sat 03-23-02 BEYOND #13 Ascension

* * * * * *

Mon 03-25-01 BEYOND #10 Dead Man’s Hand

Tue 03-26-02 BEYOND #07 Meltdown

Wed 03-27-02 BEYOND #08 Heroes

Thu 03-28-02 BEYOND #09 Spellbound

Fri 03-29-02 BEYOND #06 Shriek

Sat 03-30-02 BEYOND #14 Joyride

* * * * * *

Tue 04-02-02 BEYOND #11 A Touch of Curare

Wed 04-03-02 BEYOND #12 Disappearing Inque

Thu 04-04-02 BEYOND #13 Ascension

Fri 04-05-02 BEYOND #14 Joyride

Sat 04-06-02 BEYOND #03 Black Out

Sat 03-16-02 JLA The Brave and the Bold (Pt. 1)
Sat 03-16-02 JLA The Brave and the Bold (Pt. 1)
Sun 03-17-02 JLA The Brave and the Bold (Pt. 2)
Sat 03-23-02 JLA The Brave and the Bold (Pt. 2)
Sat 03-23-02 JLA The Brave and the Bold (Pt. 2)
Sun 03-24-02 JLA Paradise Lost (Pt. 1)
Sat 03-30-02 JLA Paradise Lost (Pt. 1)
Sat 03-30-02 JLA Paradise Lost (Pt. 1)
Sun 03-31-02 JLA Paradise Lost (Pt. 2)
Sat 04-06-02 JLA Paradise Lost (Pt. 2)
Sat 04-06-02 JLA Paradise Lost (Pt. 2)

(BATMAN on YTV – courtesy of our friends at YTV)

YTV has just re-added BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES to its timeslot! Set your VCRs though, kiddies, because these episodes come on at 3:30am! Ack!

YTV also has the rights to all of the BATMAN BEYOND episodes, which will air every Saturday mornings at 10:00am, and then Saturday nights (or, technically, Sunday mornings) at 12:30am.


Mon 03-18-02: BTAS #28 Dreams in Darkness

Tue 03-19-02: BTAS #18 Beware the Grey Ghost

Wed 03-20-02: BTAS #35 Cat Scratch Fever

Thu 03-21-02: BTAS #45 Terror in the Sky

Fri 03-22-02: BTAS #49 I am the Night

Mon 03-25-02: BTAS #46 Almost Got ‘Im

Tue 03-26-02: BTAS #42 Moon of the Wolf

Wed 03-27-02: BTAS #02 Christmas with the Joker

Thu 03-28-02: BTAS #37 Heart of Steel (Pt. 1)

Fri 03-29-02: BTAS #38 Heart of Steel (Pt. 2)

Mon 04-01-02: BTAS #39 “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?”

Tue 04-02-02: BTAS #40 Joker’s Wild

Wed 04-03-02: BTAS #60 His Silicon Soul

Thu 04-04-02: BTAS #50 Off Balance

Fri 04-05-02: BTAS #48 What is Reality?

Sat 03-23-02: 10:00am #31 Armory
Sun 03-24-02: 12:30am #08 Heroes

Sat 03-30-02: 10:00am #32 Sneak Peek
Sun 03-31-02: 12:30am #09 Spellbound
(by “Belle Book”)

Written by: Stan Berkowitz
Directed by: Butch Lukic
Aired: February 25, 2002
Ranking: **** (out of 5 stars)

Superman and J’onn J’onzz prepare to detonate an asteroid out near Saturn, while Hawkgirl monitors the situation at the Watch Tower. As the countdown to the destruction of the asteroid commences, the computer alerts Hawkgirl that there are hydrogen pockets in the asteroid! Unfortunately, she can’t alert Superman and the Martian Manhunter fast enough to prevent them from being caught in the explosion! As she calls in Green Lantern, a ship from War World, a gladitorial planet, discovers the two Justice Leaguers (who are still alive), and takes them to War World. Since Superman is a Kryptonian, and since recently there’s been no one who could last more than 2 minutes against the gladiator Draga; the ruler of War World, Mongul, decides to ultimately pit Superman against Draga. Superman is able to help the weakened J’onn J’onzz escape, but has to fight Draga immediately as a result. Can Hawkgirl and Green Lantern find Superman and the Martian Manhunter? Can J’onn J’onzz help Superman in time? And will Superman be able to defeat Draga without tarnishing the ideals which the Man of Steel tries to represent?

Another solid episode! So far, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be the best one, but it’s still solid enough. There’s quite a few interesting things about the story. First, the gladiator world is reminiscent of Rome, with Mongul certainly resembling some of the Roman emperors. I think Nero comes to mind as a possible model for Mongul. Also, the issue of entertainment being used to distract people from their troubles clearly echoes both ancient Rome and modern times. Finally, Superman’s efforts not to fight just to satisfy the demands of Mongul and the crowds hints at the issue of the correct use of power. How does one use the power that one possesses? Can one use it wisely? Or will one abuse it? Mongul abuses his power — his governing power. By only fighting when he’s forced to and by sparing Draga’s life, Superman is able to use his power wisely.

As for the characters, Draga is an interesting one. He obviously accepts war as his life, and tries to provoke Superman into fighting mercilessly by saying that neither one has a choice in this matter. On the other hand, he clearly has a degree of honor. He says that he fights for honor (as well as for Mongul), and when Superman defeats him (like you expected anything else), he begs Superman to kill him, saying that he can’t live with the shame of being defeated. In short, he is portrayed as a somewhat honorable warrior and gladiator.

Mongul is far less honorable and admirable. I suspect he began putting on the gladitorial games on War World when the citizens’ lives began to go downhill. The games excite the citizens while distracting them from their misery – no jobs, for one thing. It’s succeeded to some extent – one woman clearly has been distracted from the misery of her life by the games – but it might be wearing down, if the remarks on talk of rebellion are any indication. I think he’ll be shown in a worse light in Part Two.

As for the Justice Leaguers, we don’t see a whole lot of J’onn J’onzz, partly because he’s been weakened by something in the atmosphere in War World. Maybe we’ll find out what it is in Part Two. In any case, thanks to the force field and the focused attention on Superman, the Martian Manhunter is able to escape and we see him in the stadium. Hopefully he’ll be able to help Superman in Part Two.

Green Lantern’s his usual self, butting heads with Hawkgirl over the explosion and over his needing to help her out at the port planet, using his powers to trace the slave ship as far as the refueling port, and interrogating one of the poor guys that Hawkgirl figured knew something about Superman and J’onn J’onzz. Green Lantern’s image of himself as a professional surrounded by well-meaning amateurs (like Hawkgirl), is in large part responsible for his butting heads with her, but those scenes are the best of the story so far.

As for Hawkgirl, if you ever thought you could mess with her, this episode will convince you otherwise. She’s right in telling Green Lantern that he shouldn’t point fingers at her when he should be searching for their friends. They can always point blame later, after all. And she’s still quite a fighter, as the poor guys she encounters at the refueling port can testify. In fact, the one Green Lantern captures is willing to talk to GL rather than to Hawkgirl, a testimony to the beserker power that she possesses when she gets into a fight. Don’t mess with Hawkgirl! Trust me!

But the episode belongs to Superman. Here we see his “boy scout” nobility on display. He risks his life to save J’onn J’onzz and later tells the Martian Manhunter to go on so that J’onn J’onzz can help Superman later. He refuses to sink to Mongul’s (and even Draga’s) morals, and acquits himself honorably, even going so far as to refuse to kill Draga despite being threatened with death himself! It’s possible that part of his motives are due to his memory of what happened in the Superman episode “Legacy” (which I didn’t see, but I did hear about), but even if it isn’t, he still shows a true nobility and a wise use of his power which Mongul can’t display.

I don’t quite know why I don’t think this episode is going to be the best JL episode. Maybe it’s just that I prefer Wonder Woman to Superman. Maybe there’s something in the storyline itself that prevents it from being as great as maybe it could be. But it’s still solid, and perhaps not having an episode that’s a flub is just as good as having a knock-out like “Paradise Lost” was. I’m still looking forward to Part Two of “War World”, and I hope it doesn’t disappoint me.

* * * * *

(Due to delivery delays, we’ve also included the review for part two. Enjoy!)

Spoiler Alert!!!

Written by: Stan Berkowitz
Directed by: Butch Lukic
Aired: February 25, 2002
Ranking: **** (out of 5 stars)

After Superman refuses to kill Draga, Mongul orders his death. However, J’onn J’onzz is in the audience, and he successfully leads cheering for Superman that saves the Kryptonian from death. Superman persuades some prisoners who are planning to escape to take Draga to a garbage planet rather than dump Draga in the Pit. Furious at Superman’s defiance of him, Mongul threatens to destroy Draga’s planet with a cannon unless Superman loses badly to Mongul in a final fight, unaware that the Martian Manhunter is secretly listening. Meanwhile, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl are also dumped on the garbage planet, where they meet Draga, now yearning to avenge his honor by defeating Superman. Now Green Lantern and Hawkgirl must get to War World in time to help J’onn J’onzz save both Superman and Draga’s home world – before either Draga or Mongul can kill Superman!

Another solid episode by Bruce Timm and company! The storyline in this part is really intriguing, with the themes of true honor and the wise use of power evident yet not relentlessly beaten into us. Instead, we see these themes treated through the actions and words of Draga, Mongul, and Superman. Superman is able to use his power wisely even though he might die in the process, and has a strong awareness of true honor, which comes from how you live and not from how you die. In contrast, Draga has an imperfect sense of honor throughout most of the episode, while Mongul abuses power in his blackmail of Superman.

Characterization is strong as usual. Mongul is clearly a villain you love to hate, and Eric Roberts brings out this hateful quality to him in a way that makes me just want to strangle the tyrant. His every action is dictated by his lust for power, a lust which can’t stand being thwarted by someone who has a higher nobility than he has. That is why he is driven to destroy Superman by threatening to destroy Draga’s home planet unless Superman allows Mongul to kill him. Fittingly, it is an earlier victim of Mongul’s blackmail, Draga, that defeats him, and just as fittingly, Mongul is not killed. Even if Draga’s reasons are based on an imperfect sense of honor, I agree that Mongul deserves to live in shame.

Speaking of Draga, the nobility that I sensed in him in Part One is strengthened here. However, it is tempered by his imperfect knowlegde of true honor. For Draga, honor is displayed either in winning triumphantly or in dying on the battlefield. One suspects that is why he agreed to be a gladiator rather than continue to stand against Mongul when the latter threatened to kill Draga’s home world. However, when he learns that Superman is willing to sacrifice his life rather than let Draga’s planet be destroyed, he turns on Draga. Ultimately, one hopes that Draga comes out of this experience with a stronger sense of what true honor is.

As for the Justice League, both Green Lantern and Hawkgirl are shown to be very similar in many ways. They’re both warriors, and both of them are hot-tempered. That is why they clash so easily, and that’s why the guy they get to take them to War World is able to overpower them and dump them on the garbage world instead. However, they both display a slightly softer side when Hawkgirl displays dismay over being stuck on another world forever (probably due to memories of separation from her home world), and Green Lantern admits that maybe he was too hard on her. If they learn anything from this episode, it is that they should lighten up a bit and not let their hot-headedness get in the way. That said, however, it shouldn’t prevent them from using their powers when they have to, as Hawkgirl proves when she destroys the cannon that might have destroyed Draga’s world.

Superman had said in Part One that J’onn J’onzz can do more good if he was free, and Part Two proves the accuracy of that statement. The Martian Manhunter is the one who saves Superman’s life; he uses his phasing powers to overhear Mongul’s threat to Superman; he almost has the cannon decommissioned; and he alerts Green Lantern and Hawkgirl to the fact that it’s going to fire, thereby enabling Hawkgirl to destroy it. Which reminds me — I never learned what was in the atmosphere of War World that sapped J’onn’s strength. Could someone please tell me what it could’ve been (other than possibly heat)?

But this is Superman’s episode, and he carries it well. He shows a wise use of strength throughout the episode, restraining himself rather than allowing others to be destroyed. And his awareness of what true honor is shows itself in his statement to Draga that honor emerges more in how you live than in how you die. Dying honorably is well and good, but living honorably is more important. And in this episode, living honorably means restraining your baser impulses.

Although the episode isn’t my favorite, it is solid, well-done, and a bit poignant. As such, I can only say, “Another fine job!” and look forward to “The Brave and the Bold”, with the highly-anticipated pairing of those opposites in the Justice League, the Flash and Green Lantern.

Belle Book

ISSUE: “World War of the Sexes” (#4)
INKS: Dan Davis
ISSUED: Febuary 13, 2002 (Cover date Apr 2002)

Issue #4, “World War of the Sexes”, was a decent issue. The art by Min S. Ku and Rob Leigh (two of my favourite current “animated” artists) was great. As usual with me, though, the writing is always what makes or breaks the story.

Dan Slott’s idea of having a war pitting males versus females is hardly original, but it still had potential. Roping Wonder Woman’s homeland of Themyscira into the story was a given, of course. The one panel showing the mistreatment of women on page two (showing the assembly line, scantily-clad waitresses, and unappreciated wives and mothers) was a nice set up.

Sadly, the rest of the story was a great let-down. It had the potential of being a great story where the brain-washed Amazons focus on one specific woman in trouble; it could have been a great character building-block for all the league members, particularly the women in the bunch. Slott went the more conventional route, though, by having the women declare war on the entire world. The fight scenes were good enough and all, but this issue could have been so much more.

As this is the Justice League we’re talking about here, I know that the problems usually do need to have some type of global impact to even warrant the whole crew teaming together. I still think it would be nice to have some smaller-scale stories with more emotion and characterization in them, rather than all-out action; that could still work really well.

PS – Martian Manhunter looked mighty fine as Supergirl, didn’t he?


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Cover: //

A baffling series of jewelry-store heists puts the Dark Knight on the trail of an unlikely suspect…and a brand-new villain. There’s a mystery behind the mystery in “Façade.”
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March 13th
It’s “Starro Wars” when a giant starfish-shaped conqueror from space uses mind-control to defeat the newly formed League. The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes are left helpless and must turn to a mysterious old member of the Green Lantern Corps for help. But what help is there against a single enemy that can break off into thousands?
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April 10th
It’s “Starro Wars” when a giant starfish-shaped conqueror from space uses mind-control to defeat the newly formed League. The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes are left helpless and must turn to a mysterious old member of the Green Lantern Corps for help. But what help is there against a single enemy that can break off into thousands?
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Due to demand by some of our subscribers, we’ve decided to give a “Letters to the Editor” section a shot. Feel free to submit something you’d like to say to us, and each issue we’ll choose one to post and then reply to. (NOTE: It can be completely uncensored, positive OR negative, though any coarse language will be bleeped out. We want this to be a no-holds-barred column!)

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And therefore, no response.

(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

This is one of my favourite sections, where I get to boggle the minds of all our readers! (Mwuhahaha!) This trivia is all animated-related in some form, and can deal with ANY aspect of the show or comics based on the show. Remember, answer the questions WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THE ANIMATED CONTINUITY. Now have fun – let’s see how well you do! Answers are provided below.

I really wanted to feature a bit of the Justice League in this segment of the trivia, but I still have yet to see a single episode! Sigh. Sorry about that, guys…hey – any chance someone in Canada can air JUSTICE LEAGUE, too? Yeesh.

711. Where does Batman first meet the Demon in the animated continuity?


712. When Superman and Robin teamed up, which villain did they not encounter together?

A: The Mad Hatter
B: Roxy Rockett
C: Bane
D: The Riddler
E: The Penguin

713. What was the first episode made that featured Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, (all in costume) Commissioner Gordon, and Alfred?


714. When Batman fought against Montague Cain, who did he team up with to take him down?

A: Robin
B: Batgirl
C: Zatanna
D: Harvey Bullock
E: Catwoman

715. Aside from Dick Grayson (as either Robin or Nightwing), which of Batman’s costumed sidekicks made the most episode appearances (not including BATMAN BEYOND episodes or movies)?

A: Tim Drake
B: Barbara Gordon

Answer to #711: D
Answer to #712: B
Answer to #713: C
Answer to #714: C
Answer to #715: B (Barbara: 20 episodes; Tim: 11 episodes)
(by Tim “TWO-FACE” Leighton)

Here is a section that just points out various little facts and bloopers that we have noticed while watching BTAS, STAS and BEYOND countless times. If you have anything to contribute, feel free to do so! Enjoy!

1) In the finale of “ETERNAL YOUTH”, Batman defeats Poison Ivy by having a huge tree grow and destroy her greenhouse. As Ivy was at the top of the tree when it was growing, wouldn’t she have been crushed when the tree slammed against the greenhouse ceiling and then broke through?

2) Did you know that Corey Burton (the voice of Brainiac) at one time auditioned for the voice of Batman? As we all know, Kevin Conroy got the job.

(by “Dark Lantern”)
3) In “PARADISE LOST”, the revelation of Lord Hades is a nice parallel to the story of Dr. Faustus (from whom the character Felix Faust was based, according to JLA#10). Faustus sold his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge and mystical powers. Faust is essentially dealing with the devil of Greek Myth to gain ultimate knowledge.

4) Also in “PARADISE LOST”, the CGI fires on Themyscira are a nice touch – but how can stone structures burn?

5) When Diana hurled that huge stone column at Faust, she was also throwing it toward her petrified Mother (off screen), which doesn’t seem very smart.

6) When Diana gasps at the reflection in the store mirrors (which reveals the monster’s true identity), her reflection should have gasped as well, yet it remained stationary.
(by Marc Rosenzweig)

Hello and Happy New Year to all my fellow Gothamites!

I have some great toy news Pre-Toy Fair!

First, let’s start out in the Action Figures Department…

HASBRO NEWS: With Hasbro’s Batman License expiring in 2003, expect to see a few more re-painted (Re-Deco’d) Batman family figures showing up on your local toy store shelves with the release of MISSION MASTERS 4. In this year’s line up, expect to see a deluxe two-pack re-deco version of the TEAM BATCYCLE with Batman and Nightwing. The original two-pack is still selling on eBay for upwards of $25. The folks at Hasbro are no dummies as they follow the trends in the secondary market as well. When they see a void the collector’s sector has caused, they fill the need.

Mr. Hassenfeld authorizes the Bat-team to make some minor tweaks and boom, pull out the molds, re-tool the packaging, change the paint scheme and start those plastic injection mold machines a-crankin’!

Now, keep in mind, don’t expect to see the newer version of the Team Batcycle to stay on the store shelves for very long as they are much more attractive in their new paint scheme. Back in ’99, Batman and Nightwing were sporting all red moto-cross outfits in the original version.


Since they don’t want to waste the opportunity of a solid year’s worth of selling, Hasbro is releasing at least 2 more Batman exclusive four-packs.Secret sources within Hasbro have leaked out word that there is a strong possibility one of two possible female figures will be tooled from scratch and be released in a four-pack set. You can expect to see at least one version of an older Batman and Robin figure which will be included in one boxed set of either of the following:
1) Talia, and a re-deco of Ra’s Al Ghul.
2) The other figure being considered for inclusion in a four pack is Zatanna the Magician! I have now idea who they would possibly include to be the fourth figure in this assortment, unless they include a re-deco Batgirl. Only Hasbro knows for sure.

This next tidbit of information is off the charts! One of the “yet to be released” boxed set will include the devious and nefarious animated version of the Ventriloquist and Scarface! I have yet to see any photos but I have heard from my sources at Hasbro that the finished prototype sculptures have been sent to Warner Bros. to be approved. Keep your fingers crossed, it should be an exciting Bat-Toy-Year!

Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the SUPERMAN Licensing rights flying right out the window of HASBRO’s Offices. That’s right people, Hasbro did not renew the licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Superman’s toy license is up for grabs and it looks like DC Direct is going to make their move. Since Superman is not an “EVERGREEN PROPERTY” like Batman is, on top of the fact that there is no “backbone” in the way of a movie or new cartoon in the foreseeable future, Hasbro obviously feels they cant be bothered keeping the toy line in their stable. I guess Hasbro did not feel it a strong enough seller for them and decided to let the License for Superman fly away. Don’t be surprised if you see older Superman animated figs still on toy store shelves, as Hasbro cleaned out their warehouses and KB toys bought up the leftovers.

As far as JLA/Hasbro: status unknown at this time. Don’t expect too much in the way of action figures for this year as Hasbro won’t put out a JLA line until they finish working out the details of the Batman License agreement. If figures are going to be made for JLA the animated series, they wont be released until the end of the 2002, probably just in time for the Holiday shopping season. Obviously, you can understand from my paragraph above, there will definitely be no HASBRO Superman tooled for this series. So keep hold of your old animated Supes figures and pray for some cool JLA action figures for 2003!

OK, so I know this is a toy related article but I cant help sharing this news:

This info came to me by way of top people in the Warner Bro.’s offices: Warner Bros. Home Video Department is “toying” with the idea of doing the complete run of the original BTAS on DVD as a boxed set. THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!

For those of us who are over 35 years of age and remember the original 1966 Adam West TV show, I have wonderful news from a die-cast manufacturer! Last year at The NYC International Toy Fair, I was gathering information and discussing Licensing rights with the owner of Playing Mantis Toys. It seems that I may have put a bug in his ear and this year, Playing Mantis has secured the licensing righs from Warner Bro’s for the comic book version of the 60’s Batmobile. Although it is not the same one as the TV Show, I am told that the car will be very similar but not the Barris Batmobile from the 66 show!They are similar in many ways, and if you’ve seen the Hallmark Christmas Batmobile ornament from ’97 or the Warner Bros. ’99 lights and sound version Christmas ornament, then you have a good idea as to what the Playing Mantis version will most likely turn out to be! Also, Playing Mantis has the rights to a 40’s Batmobile done in their famous die-cast lines as well as the 60’s style Batboat.

And for you model makers out there, it is only a hunch, but I would not be surprised if we will be seeing a series of models based on the same items l’ve just mentioned and a few other Batmobiles as well. If they do go back to the 40’s style Batmobile, and they already have the 60’s comic book version. it’s only a matter of time before they crank out a 50’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and possibly even the millennium edition of the Batmobile that resembles a Porsche on steroids.

Let’s all pray to the BAT DEITIES for that one! Can you imagine being able to get a 60 YEAR HISTORICAL REPRESENTATION OF ALL THE COMIC BOOK BATMOBILES? It could very well be a reality, in our lifetime.

Also on the BATMOBILE DIE-CAST FRONT, Danbury Mint was supposed to put out an exact replica in 1/18 scale of the original 1966 TV show Batmobile.
However, due to the Rights of reproduction and not being able to get ABC, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bro’s. and Mr. George Barris himself to agree on all aspects of who should get what percentage of the profits, the original TV show version has been scrapped. Seeing as how Playing Mantis was able to work around these major players and still make it work for them, we may yet still see a 1/18th scale Comic book version (similar in style and detail as the TV show version) being released towards the end of 2002 as well.

Thaaaaaaaaat’s all for now folks!
Keep in touch and if you hear anything toy-related, please feel free to share and please feel free to send in your comments!

Marc Rosenzweig
(feel free to submit something for our consideration)

This space for rent.

For the next few issues, we here at BATMAN: THE ANIMATED NEWSLETTER will be providing this space for all you subscribers for trading, buying, selling, and whatnot, just in time for Christmas (and beyond). So, without further adieu, here is what we have in store:

Over the Edge, Love is a Croc, The Ultimate Thrill, Cult of the Cat, Old Wounds, Knight Time, Girls Night Out, Judgement Day, Beware the Creeper, Mad Love
Contact if you can or would like to help.

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am looking for anyone who can help me out with obtaining episodes of any Batman/Superman cartoon – live action shows. By obtaining I mean dubs. If you think you can help me out please e-mail me at

JLA episodes, particularly the upcoming INJUSTICE FOR ALL two-parter. E-mail
this address if you can or would like to help:

All TNBA episodes and all Justice League episodes (Non-wide screen format only)
Contact if you can or would like to help.

1) I am looking to sell some VHS which have some BTAS/TNBA episodes on them. These VHS tapes were originally available from Columbia House. They each come in a hard case which has information printed on it about the episodes contained. All VHS tapes and hard case containers are in excellent condition. E-mail if interested. Tapes available are listed below.

*Tape “Title” (by Columbia House): episodes contained
COPS AND ROBBERS: P.O.V., Vendetta, Riddler’s Reform, A Bullet for Bullock
FRIENDS AND FOES: Beware the Grey Ghost, The Mechanic, The Man who Killed Batman, Sideshow

NOTE: Batman: The Animated Newsletter has takes no responsibility in business transactions. We’re working on the honour system here, people, so PLAY NICE! ;-Y

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