Looking to know if Black Ops 2 is coming next year? You’re not alone.

David Vonderhaar, one of the Treyarch developers of Call of Duty: Black Ops, apologized for putting ‘Second Chance’ in the game. Don’t know what ‘Second Chance’ is? It’s simply a 3rd-tier multiplayer perk that allows players to use a pistol for ten seconds while downed before dying. The Pro version of ‘Second Chance’ allows an increased bleed out time (around 30 seconds) as well as an option for teammates to revive you.

Vonderhaar recognized the fact that it’s a garbage perk to have in CoD Black Ops, and strongly suggests that Black Ops 2, will not have the ‘Second Chance’ perk.

It’s refreshing to hear the developers own up to obvious flaws. This seems to suggest that Black Ops 2 is definitely on it’s way.