Publisher META Publishing and indie developer NEXT Studios have released Biped on Steam! What’s a Biped? It’s a creature that walks on two legs, and it describes the two characters at the center of this game.

You and a friend control two bipedal robots one leg at a time….meaning your left control stick moves the left leg and your right control stick moves the right. Or if you’re on a keyboard and mouse setup, the left and right mouse buttons work the same way.

Traversing the landscape this way is tricky, but it’s part of the fun. You and your partner cooperate to solve puzzles, move blocks, roll platforms and much more. Biped can be played solo, local multiplayer or in online co-op.

  • Master innovative and simple controls. You control the robot’s two legs using two sticks or left and right mouse buttons. This allows you to perform various moves—from simple walking and sliding to more advanced actions, like operating machinery or cutting wood.
  • Conquer two-player co-op. Enjoy the adventure solo or grab a friend or a family member and have a blast together in co-op mode. Communicate and coordinate to conquer challenges together and find out how good a pair you truly are.
  • Explore fun environments. Your adventure will take you to many beautiful and mysterious locations on the planet. Explore secrets in forests, valleys, waterfalls and icy mountains and find your way through the puzzling paths that lead to the planetary beacons.
  • Pair your looks. Collect treasures and buy goofy hats! Dress up your biped the way you like. Better yet, match your partner’s look and become the most dazzling adventurers in this epic quest.

Biped is out on Steam this very minute. Console versions for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch are on the way.

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