Although Bayonetta 2 is yet to launch, Platinum Games has already confirmed that they would like to develop further entries in the series. Yusuke Hashimoto, speaking in an interview with CVG, explained how they had enjoyed working with Nintendo on the Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 and would be willing to work on the franchise in the future if the possibility presented itself.

“Should the opportunity arise I’d definitely like to keep nurturing this franchise,” he said. “It might not be me, but should somebody else take over I would definitely be there to support and help just as [Hideki] Kamiya has for me. Though there’s a chance I could direct in future as well!”

The developer also praised Nintendo for their support and for the creative freedom afforded to them. “I feel that it’s important to let your creativity flow and Nintendo has been able to provide us with the freedom to create what we had originally envisioned,” added Hashimoto. “We were able to have a lot of back-and-forth between Platinum Games and Nintendo and they were able to provide objective feedback.” This strong relationship, along with a successful launch of the game, may well lead to future collaboration between the two companies and further Bayonetta games.

Bayonetta was a success when it first released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation in 2010. It was positively received by critics and became something of a cult hit thanks to its fast-paced combat, unique boss fights and extravagant art style. The original game went on to sell over 1 million copies before spawning a sequel and an anime spin-off show. Bayonetta 2, which is currently still in development, is due out in September Japan and October in the US and Europe. It also comes bundled with a port of its predecessor on the disc.

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