The next Nintendo Direct, scheduled to air September 4th, will focus on Platinum Game’s upcoming action game Bayonetta 2. While Nintendo has been decidedly mute on the exact nature of announcements, the looming October release date indicates that Nintendo will like start revving the hype engine.

Bayonetta 2 is set to be released in North America on October 24, while the direct itself is scheduled to air at 3 p.m. Pacific Time on Nintendo’s official website. The upcoming title is a sequel to the popular 2010 original which was released on the PS4 and Xbox 360. The announcement that the sequel would be a Wii U exclusive came as a surprise to many fans who played the original, however according to series designer Hideki Kamiya the sequel’s existence was made possible due to the partnership with Nintendo.

Nintendo announced at E3 2014 that the new game will also feature a copy of the original Bayonetta in order to give Wii U owners a chance to play the original.

Popgeeks will be sure to keep track of announcements are made so stay tuned for a Nintendo Direct write up.


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