While E3 technically hasn’t started yet, that didn’t stop Electronic Arts from unveiling a lot of games in a special event just before it, as well as going into detail about one of the most anticipated games of the the years in Star Wars Battlefront 2. DICE is once again taking us to a Galaxy Far, Far Away, but this time, there’s a story in it. At their special event, EA revealed a brand new trailer (see below) and new details on what to expect.

For example, there will be DLC in the game, however, it won’t be paid, or via a Season Pass. Instead, EA and DICE are giving it away for free in “seasons.” With each one delivering new and exciting content. For example, the first pack of DLC will be inspired by the upcoming film The Last Jedi.

There’s likely to be more news coming as E3 officially kicks off, so stay tuned for more of our coverage.

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