Yesterday, a leaked trailer claiming to be gameplay footage from publisher EAs next Battlefield game, Battlefield: Hardline, was posted on youTube before being promptly pulled. Fans from all over the internet leaped at the opportunity to critique the footage and speculate details regarding the next Battlefield game before it was confirmed whether the footage or game title in question were legitimate or official.

Visceral Games have since posted the first official art from the game, shown above, on the games official website as well as an open letter from the developer confirming previous rumours that the game is a police-themed shooter, which suggests the Battlefield series is taking a diversion from its usual military themes. The official artwork also offers a date for the Battlefield: Hardline official unveiling, which will take place at 12:00PM PDT on June 9th,  which is when fans will likely find out more official details and see some official gameplay footage.

Knowing that the artwork revealed is now official, we have hard evidence with which we can begin to speculate further. The official artwork, for example, shows a SWAT van which ties in to the police theme and potentially offers up some interesting gameplay opportunities – Battlefield has always been a team based shooter, so the possibility of co-operative play as different units within a SWAT team carrying out a raid is a very likely possibility.

The official artwork also shows what appears to be a robbery taking place in a bank vault – another likely potential scenario could see players entering the building as a SWAT unit to thwart the robbery as it takes place. This would also open up some interesting multiplayer options allowing 2 teams to battle against each other – one to perform the robbery, the other as the SWAT team to stop the robbery. The Battlefield games have picked up a large following for their high octane multiplayer modes so it is highly likely that both Visceral Games and EA will be looking to exploit every opportunity to expand the multiplayer portfolio in terms of new modes and ideas.

We’ll have more information on Battlefield: Hardline as details are released but for now fans can sign up for the latest information on Battlefield: Hardline via their official newsletter on the official website here.

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