We may have some disappointing news regarding Battle Princess Madelyn, depending on what system you prefer. The Nintendo Switch version of the game has hit a delay, and will not be coming out alongside the Playstation 4 version as originally announced.

“Unfortunately, the delay for Switch was unavoidable,” says Christopher Obritsch of Causal Bit Games, “but these extra weeks have resulted in superb feedback from some top gaming media, and experts, which means some new and exciting additions to the game will occur over the next month via patches updated through all the stores.”

Improvements are being made on a daily basis to the versions that are out there (PC and XBox One). Glitches have been fixed, earlier levels have been made a bit easier, and Fritzy the dog now barks when he walks near hidden treasure.

“Some gamers, although loving the game, have been frustrated by certain strategies in what is an ‘old school’ concept. As such a help and hints system patch will be available shortly to aid the player,” says Obritsch. “We have been totally transparent throughout and hope gamers will continue to feed us information. Due to the length of time it takes to get patches through the different publishers, we hope that the Switch version will be out very soon.”

Battle Princess Madelyn is out now for Steam and XBox. The Playstation 4 version is still scheduled for release December 20. When we know the release date for the Switch version, we’ll pass it on.