The Avengers movies are truly becoming the epilogues/ending results of what is happening in the Marvel universe. Phase 1 was the origin of the heroes themselves, that would eventually assemble in Avengers. Phase 2 showed how many grew in the world after the Battle For New York, which also included the fall of Shield, which will play a huge role in Age of Ultron.

Now, Infinity War Part 1 and 2 truly seeks to be the culmination of everything Marvel has done up to that point. With rumors that the Guardians of the Galaxy and many of the Phase 3 heroes will be joining the Avengers, you’d think that would be enough for one movie…you would be wrong.

According to PetesBasement, the Defenders, aka Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist from the Marvel/Netflix series, will be joining the fight in Infinity War. Basically putting two teams of heroes together to fight the villains of the pieces. Speaking of which…

Now, Thanos is no doubt the big bad of Infinity War, this has been confirmed many times in many ways. But…don’t think he’ll be the only villain in play though…

“A lot of people were surprised that Thanos wasn’t the villains in Avengers 2, but he was never meant to be,” Joss Whedon told Vulture. “He was always meant to be the puppet-master until he was done doing that, and then he’ll be the big villain they face off with. Not solely – I’m sure there’ll be plenty more [villains] in that monstrous epic, because one thing Marvel doesn’t do is string a story out into two movies that shouldn’t be two movies. They’ll give you two big movies. I feel like we got two movies into this one!”

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 will arrive in theaters May 4th 2018 and then Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 will arrive May 3rd 2019.

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