Netflix, yip yip! One of the greatest animated programs of all time, Avatar: The Last Airbender, is coming to the streamer next month. The announcement was made by Netflix earlier this week.

There are those who can control the forces of the elements through a magical / kinetic phenomenon called “bending.” Not everyone can bend, and those who can only control one element, like water, fire, air and earth. Only one every generation — the Avatar — is born with the ability to control all four elements, and it is their job to bring harmony to the world.

Unfortunately, by the time the Avatar of this series in question is revealed, the Firebenders have thrown that balance out of whack through a militaristic conquest with the goal of controlling the world. Aang was frozen in a large iceberg at the age of 12. The world desperately needs him, but what HE needs is training — he can only control wind so far. Two members of a northern tribe, Katara and Sokka, join Aang on his journey to master the other elements and stop the Fire Nation.

Though there are a few bumpy episodes near the beginning, A:TLA’s run was nearly flawless, telling a tight story in 60-plus episodes culminating in a grand, satisfying finale. If you haven’t watched it, watch it. And if you have watched it, watch it again. All three seasons will be available on Netflix May 15. (The streamer is currently working on a live-action adaption, which will hopefully work out better than the previous attempt at one.)

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