The game of Auto Chess doesn’t actually have anything to do with traditional chess. It’s the name of a genre where you gather characters, mix and match them to gain strong stats, and then unleash them against opponents, where they automatically fight. There is a bit of battle royale involved as well — the typical match involves multiple players competing to be the single one remaining on the board.

it didn’t take long for Auto Chess to gain its own esports tournament. Drodo Studio, makers of the original Auto Chess game, teamed up with publisher Dragonest and launched the first-ever multi-platform Auto Chess Invitational earlier this year. Currently the specifically branded Auto Chess game is only available on mobile devices, so how can it be multiplatform, you ask? There’s a PC version in development that’s being used in the tournament.

The grand finale of the Auto Chess Invitational 2019 is now set in motion. A prize pool of one million dollars is up for grabs, and 32 teams will be competing. There will also be prizes possible for those attending: the audience can choose three players they like, and they’ll be awarded in-game candies if those players perform well.

The Grand Final venue is 9F Super Brand Mall in Shanghai, China. Ticket pricing plan of the event is as follows:

Chinese online ticket platform expected to start selling on September 30. Single-day ticket: CNY 29-39 (~$4-5.5), includes 5000 free candy + limited chessboard “Hidden Dragon Place”. October 25-27 weekend package: CNY 79 (~$11), includes 15 000 free candy + limited chessboard “Hidden Dragon Place” + exclusive messenger.

Unfortunately most of you won’t be able to attend the Auto Chess Invitational 2019 Grand Final, because it’s happening in Shanghai, China. But if the game continues to grow, the competition could spread to other countries.

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