High Octane Pictures will soon be putting out American Hunt, a film they’re billing as “The Most Controversial Horror Release of 2019.” There are only two months to go, so I suppose there’s still time to make that happen, but what are the odds that it’ll be THIS film?

What is going to make this movie so controversial? Well, it’s about a group of friends who wander out into the boonies and directly into the line of fire for two hunters. These hunters are after the most dangerous game of all…MAN! They have ten minutes to hide, and after that, it’s up to their own survival skills to escape.

This was most certainly controversial….over a century ago, when The Most Dangerous Game was written and released. Since then there have been about ten thousand adaptions, direct and riff, of this concept, especially in the direct-to-video horror market. This isn’t even the first “human hunt” movie to come out this year.

Of course, we haven’t seen the full film for ourselves….maybe it’s controversial in some other way. Maybe it’s derogatory toward minorities or openly racist; that would get people talking. Maybe it’s a propaganda film for fascism or encourages little children to drink bathroom cleaner. We do know it’s gonna have to try harder than it currently is.

The Most Controversial Horror Release of 2019 stars Lacy Hartselle, Taylor Novak and Allison Shrum, and was written and directed by Aaron Mirtes. Look for American Hunt on DVD December 3, assuming all copies haven’t been burned in a bonfire by angry townspeople.