Buckle up and hold your melons tight. All-Star Fruit Racing, the new kart racer from developers PQube and 3D Clouds, has just hit every modern playable device. The game contains 21 different courses across five worlds, and customizable fruit-themed karts with 32,000 possible combinations.

Don’t sell it short just because it looks like a healthier version of Sugar Rush. Anything you can do in a regular racer, you can do in this fruit-oriented variant. There are multiple modes including Dragster Races, Hill Climbs, Elimination Races, Time Attacks, and a custom mode you can adjust to your own liking…as well as a Career Mode so you can follow a contestant for his/her entire career.

You also have Mario Kart-style weapons and power-ups that run on what the game calls “the Juicer power-up system.” Collect fruit that appears along the track to unleash a power attack once your tank is full. The type of attack you can use depends on the type of fruit you collected. And just like Mario Kart (the old-school version), you don’t need to be online to play multiplayer — there’s a split-screen mode that supports up to four players.

Also? There’s a VR version. All-Star Fruit Racing VR is exclusive to mobile phones, and is one of those experiences where you have to slide the phone into a viewer and turn it into a lo-res VR display. Because the only thing better than racing with fruit is living it.

All-Star Fruit Racing is now available for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.