We were correct about Final Fantasy 7 getting a new trailer at TGS! Nearly three minutes of new footage awaits you if you have yet to watch this.

We get to see more areas of the game than just the Sector 7 Reactor finally (seriously, if I had to watch the Scorpion Tank one more time…) Our first look at Wall Market is in this trailer, as well as our first glimpse of Cloud’s cross-dressing sidequest, though he isn’t shown in the dress. We also get our first hints that some things about the remake may differ slightly from the original…for, example, President Shinra appearing as a giant hologram head rather than making a personal appearance.

Tifa is present in one of the Wall Market Gym minigames, which suggests another plot alteration (you were in the market to rescue her in the original). But you were probably more interested in seeing the squat game than the chin-up game, right? Square showed it off last night, in a special livestream playthrough:

The man playing the game knows how to squat, racking up an insane 41 compared to his competition’s 9. Maybe there’s a cheat enabled here, who knows, but never before have we witnessed such squatitude.

The livestream also presented Cloud, Tifa and Aerith’s battle with the sewer boss Aps in its entirety, and showed off how summons will work. Cloud summons Ifrit, but instead of playing a long 30-second animation and hitting Aps for one blow of massive damage, Ifrit joins the battle and throws fireballs at Aps until his time is up. We’re guessing the other summons work the same way.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be out for Playstation 4 on March 3, 2020.