Television studios have had to come up with various ways of dealing with a hardcore collectors’ market that will still pay for shows on disc, while dealing with a brick-and-mortar market that continues to shrink its DVD and Blu-Ray shelf space. To get through the blockade to their fans, some companies have offered shows as online exclusives. Some have started on-demand services that print episodes on DVD-Rs. But what SyFy is doing with their zany urban horror western Wynonna Earp is a new one.

The Blu-Ray (there will not be a DVD) is an Indiegogo exclusive. The discs will be physically pressed, but there will only be as many as people demand within the time limit. SyFy is also promising “incredible behind-the-scenes content,” but won’t specify what that means. This being a crowdfunding offering, you can also get hardcover books and collectible items that otherwise wouldn’t have happened with a traditional release. It depends on how much you want to pay (the set itself is $30, a standard and fair price).

The campaign will have no problem meeting its goal — it is over 75% of the way there with two solid months to go. I happen to have seen all 13 currently released episodes of Wynonna Earp, so for those of you who don’t know what it’s like, I can testify that it’s fun but flawed.

According to the history books, Wyatt Earp was an Old West sheriff famous for his involvement in the Shootout At The OK Corral. But on SyFy, what Wyatt was REALLY doing was confronting demons with his magic gun, Pacemaker, and shooting them back to hell! Because of course! Every hundred years, they pop back up again and another Earp has to shoot them. And on and on. Since they mostly keep to themselves in an isolated Texas town (and literally cannot leave city limits or they’ll burn up), the stakes feel rather low. But Wynonna herself makes the series watchable; her personality is strong and irresistible.

The Blu-Ray will ship this September, and if there are plans to make it available through any other window, no one’s mentioned them. If you want a Wynonna Earp set, now may be your one chance. The show itself will return to SyFy June 9 with a second season.

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