World War Z was a hit book turned major blockbuster at the box office, and now, a game is being made to give you a new twist on the zombie genre.

A press release was given out recently, and with it, new screenshots of the game that you can see below:

World War Z, Saber Interactive’s upcoming four-player co-op multiplayer game inspired by the hit blockbuster movie, launches later this year on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Today, get a gruesome taste of horde-killing action with newly unveiled screenshots, along with the game’s striking key art.

Outlive the dead through each group of survivors’ unique storylines, as they run from and battle massive hordes of zombies powered by Saber’s advanced Swarm Engine. Survive a series of heart-pounding co-operative campaigns across a series of international locations, including Moscow, Jerusalem and New York. The relentless swarms act as real crowds, as zombies trip over obstacles, squeeze through tight spaces, and climb on top of each other to reach players no matter where they try to hide.


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