As the Swat Kats taught us, you make cats better by giving them weapons. Weaponized cat action figures are about to become a reality.

When Bandai uploaded images of cats kitted out with mechanized war-suits, they were making a joke (it was April 1, after all). But after receiving many responses along the likes of “no, I’d actually pay for one of those,” they decided to make the cats a legit product.

The official name for the figures is Nekobusou (“armored cat” in Japanese). The felines’ arsenal ranges from a litter box armed with a machine gun to a full-out mech suit with at least eleven barrels aiming in all directions, plus giant pincher claws.

The cats don’t cost very much, at least before you factor in overseas shipping. The less elaborate figures cost 500 yen (around $4.50) and the REALLY armored cats, like the one in the image above, go for 1,388 yen (about $12.50).

If you can navigate the site, you will be rich in weaponized cat action figures before long.

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