In 1989 a series of strange births took place all over the world. Women who just days ago had not been pregnant suddenly grew large bellies and expunged babies imbued with superpowers.. A billionaire industrialist tracked down as many as he could, adopted them all, and revealed them to the world as his brand-new superhero team The Umbrella Academy!

But it didn’t quite work out. The new family was rather dysfunctional, and instead of fighting crime they just spent all day fighting each other. Eventually the old man croaked, and it seemed like the Hargreeves siblings would go their separate ways….until the youngest of them, gifted with time-traveling abilities, jumps into the future to find civilization completely destroyed.

It happens, somehow, in eight days. The Hargreeves realizes they are the only ones who can stop it, and now have to get past their differences to save the world. Can it be done?

We’ve shared a lot of trailers with you this month, but this one’s the best of them so far….it has a great hook, the characters are instantly appealing, and Hazy Shade of Winter will never fail to rock.

Let’s hope the series itself lives up to its promotion. The Umbrella Academy breaks out February 15, exclusively on Netflix.

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