Skylanders Ring Of Heroes is coming! The monster franchise, launched earlier this decade as a Spyro spinoff before gaining a life of its own, will be releasing a new game in the series, Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, on mobile devices. Developer Com2uS revealed the first full trailer today.

The franchise’s most familiar characters are on full display here: Master Eon, Eruptor, the villainous Kaos….and Spyro, who’s starring in a game release of his own soon.

“It’s not only an honor but also a great pleasure to finally present our full version trailer of Skylanders: Ring of Heroes,” says David Mohr of Gamevil Com2uS Europe. “The Skylanders IP is known all over the world but in Europe and particularly in Paris, it’s something special to have a live show to present that trailer to a big audience. The direct feedback of the Skylanders Fans means a lot to us and of course, we are looking forward to seeing their reactions.”

Pre-registration is still open. Those who sign up early to Skylanders: Ring of Heroes will receive extra in-game money on the day of launch. They also speak of an extra bonus that will only be available to those who sign up through Google Play, though we’re not sure why Android users are being given the advantage here.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a turn-based, action RPG adventure based on the IP of Activision’s famous console game. The mobile version will bring back some great memories of Skylanders by featuring 80 different characters from the original story. Not only this, the game will expand the level of strategies by introducing an “Awaken” system which will further enhance the Skylanders ability and charm.