For a city that has about three million residents living in it right now, Watch Dogs, it’s game version counter-part seems to be lacking in numbers with reports even stating that streets have gone completely empty.

Now of course we weren’t expecting that said number of players, but from everything that’s been shown in videos and images, it appears that this once busy city has been crippled to a near empty lot.

This of course comes with more confirmation since the PC version has been leaked, with people taking to the forums and actually complaining about this. You can view some screenshots below, which clearly shows a very empty Chicago in an area that should have hundreds of hundreds (or at least more than a few) of civilians walking in broad daylight.

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This of course also goes against their very own statement of them saying it wasn’t ‘dumb’ down from the E3 reveal, which you can watch below.


As you can see in the footage the streets are flooded with pedestrians and vehicles.