As of today, you can compose music in Warframe — which is not something we expected to ever say about a loot shooter game. But in the Saint of Altra update, the Shawzin instrument has been added to the Marketplace. It gives Tenno the ability to compose their own songs, record them, play them back, and share them with others. Log on and create some jammin’ tunes!

That’s not all that’s new. The 41st Warframe, Gauss, has arrived. Speed is his specialty — his kinetic energy allows him to wield powerful offensive and defensive abilities like Mach Rush, Kinetic Plating, Thermal Sunder, and Redline (see the Warframe website for specific details on what these moves do). There are several ways to get Gauss: build him from acquired parts, or purchase him complete (standalone or part of a bundle).

Plus, for those looking for a challenge, the corrupt Alad V’s sale of black market technology across the Origin System has resulted in an expansion of Disruption Mode. See how long you can last….

Other update details:

  • With the new Look Link and Mod Link chat features, players can generate a link to their chosen Warframe design or Mod Loadout and post it to share in chat, or import a shared design and loadout from a fellow Tenno with a simple click — radically simplifying and speeding up the ability to expand one’s Warframe “wardrobe.”
  • Available for purchase in the Marketplace, the Harrow Deluxe Collection features a new Deluxe Skin, a matching Armor Set and Weapon Deluxe Skin for Spearguns.
  • Infested Dojo Decoration Set: Decorate your clan Dojo with an aesthetic inspired by the Infection faction.
  • Riven Slot Increase: Expand your arsenal of Riven Mods — players can now increase their collection of Riven Mods from 90 to 120.

Warframe is playable for free on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC.

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