After more than a year of anticipation, Telltale Games is set to release the first gameplay trailer of their incoming title: The Walking Dead. Up until this point, all we’ve seen are screenshots and a teaser trailer but nothing that shows the game in motion. Noon tomorrow, that will all change.

IGN will be showing the trailer tomorrow (Monday, the 19th) during it’s weekly talk show Up at Noon With Greg Miller. 

Talk about this game has buzzing around since it’s initial announcement was made. The game is said to be based more on the graphic novels as supposed to AMC’s TV adaptation. The game’s story will focus on Lee Everett, a supporting character in the novels. Lee finds himself in the back of a police car handcuffed. The car hits someone and this someone turns out to be Lee’s first zombie encounter. For the fans of the book: this all takes place while the main character, Rick is in a coma. From this point, the gamer will begin making very specific decisions like: How do I get out of the car?  How do I shake the handcuffs? How do I not get eaten alive? The game’s writer, Sean Vanaman, says that Telltale wants gamers to deal with moment-to-moment problems like these.  

He went on to explain that this game will deal a lot with choices and the consequences that follow. Gamers will make their own journey by making their own unique decisions. We’ve seen this before: but not from Telltale. Once a decision is made, that is final. Gamers will not have the ability to go back and see if they made the right choice or not. Vanaman added that that the game’s characters will even ask the player “Why did you do this to me?”

So far: the game looks like it will fit very nicely into The Walking Dead series. It’s character driven story and decision-based gameplay go right in tune with The Walking Dead themes that we all know and love. Although there has yet to be a release date announced, this trailer’s debut is one step closer to the title’s release. We’re almost there, roamers!