The Walking Dead brought to us by Telltale games for PS3 and Xbox 360. I’d heard good things about the game(s) from a friend and decided to give it a chance. The graphics caught my attention right away, comic book like coloring overlaid on 3d models. The graphics over all are enjoyable and almost cheery despite the post apocalyptic subject matter.

The beginning of the game makes the large role that dialogue plays on very clear. You have the option of being taciturn, or just not responding to dialogue from NPC’s. The dialogue is also timed, which prevents me from spacing out or just skimming along. The interface at first look seems like a basic point and click type. However the puzzles are intuitive enough that you rarely find yourself mindlessly scrolling over the screen, hoping to find an answer. The environments are well done and each one provides plenty of interactive objects. The fights you find yourself in are fraught with the perfect mix of frustration, anger and desperation. You will find yourself maintaining a death grip on the controller, as you try to kick, punch or bludgeon away the nearest zombie.

The interactions with the games cast of characters is without question my favorite part of the game. You quickly find that people are quick to pounce on falsehoods or half thought through answers. Your actions and words are noticed by the other people throughout the game, so pick and choose both carefully. Each person you encounter brings with them their own back story and quirks, during your interactions you can support your friends. The game even allows you to incite some people into confrontations, or to play the peace keeper. I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the game.

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