Here’s what Viz Media plans to release this November. Start your holiday wish list now….

Viz’s biggest release of the reason is Transformers: A Visual History, a large and heavy volume covering just about everything in Autobot history. The hardcover book contains artwork, animation models, video game designs, comic book pages, and it even covers all six of the crappy Bayformers movies (well, Bumblebee wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t technically Bay’s).

But Transformers isn’t the only property getting such a treatment….also look for Dragon Ball: A Visual History to debut on the same day (November 12)! Unlike the all-encompassing Transformer book, it sounds like this one sticks directly to the manga, but it’ll have plenty of art to gawk at, plus promotional material and commentary from creator Akira Toriyama. Both the Transfomer and Dragon Ball Visual Histories come in large collector’s boxes with gorgeous artwork on the side.

Season Two of Netflix’s Castlevania anime will make its Blu-Ray premiere on November 5! It joins Season One which was released to Blu last year alongside Season Two’s Netflix debut. This time, Season Three is nowhere to be seen, but we’ve been promised by Netflix that it’s coming. One week later on November 12, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Part 2 will be released — the final Sailor Stars season, which has never been released in English on American home video.

Finally, we’re getting two new series in Viz’s manga department…A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow is a tale of the romance genre and Levius/Est is the sequel to Levius. The former appears on bookshelves November 12 and the latter will show up November 19….and don’t miss the Levius anime, debuting on Netflix November 28!

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