Astrogun is the name of an indie games design, development, and publishing company founded by veteran developer Xander Davis. Now they’ve soft-launched their first game, VAST, on all three Apple platforms: iOS, MacOS and tvOS (for the few of you who own an Apple TV).

VAST is described by Astrogun as “an anime-flavored sci-fi action adventure first person shooter about a misfit team of cosmic treasure hunters, in way over their heads.” Currently only the first campaign, “The Frozen Star,” is available for play. Campaign levels will be released episodically over time.

Do you need an Apple-branded device to play VAST? Sure looks like it….no other machines are mentioned. However, you can control the game using any controller you have lying around. VAST supports Bluetooth technology that will allow it to sync up with any Playstation, Switch or XBox controller. You can also play on iPhones with the Gamevice, a controller that attaches to the sides of your phone.

VAST costs $19.99 on Apple devices. And it looks like this…