Netflix is about to give us a series about a warrior nun. If you ask us, it’s about time. What have we been paying our subscriptions for all these years, with the complete lack of karate-kicking young girls in leather habits? Fortunately the error is about to be corrected.

Ava is a laid-back, nihilistic goth who doesn’t care about much, and doesn’t see a point to her life until the day she wakes up in an ancient temple on a slab. She briefly died, but was resurrected by a secret society of nuns — with superpowers! Now she’s joined them, and the halo mark on her back allows her to pass through solid objects (and she may have other powers, but the trailer moves quickly).

The only thing more surprising than a Netflix show about a warrior nun is its origin. It’s based on a manga called “Warrior Nun Areala”….which did not originate in Japan. It’s a property of Antarctic Press, the first company to see the manga trend rising and capitalize on it. Not by licensing actual manga, but by creating their own.

Titles like Ninja High School, Gold Digger and Warrior Nun Areala have rabid cult fanbases to this day, but they are about as niche as you can get, and even with today’s frenzy of every comic book property getting scooped up by one studio or another, I never expected to see anything from AP get adapted. The fact that it got announced on the same day as New Pokemon Snap makes today extra-interesting as I never expected that either.

As for the series, we were sold on the title, but the tagline “F***s given? Nun” completely won us over. Warrior Nun comes to Netflix July 2.