TellTale Games has recently launched the final season of their The Walking Dead story that they started years ago. It will end the tale of Clementine, and finish up all the loose threads in the games. But to add to it all, they’ve promised to bring not just the fourth season, but the previous three seasons to the Nintendo Switch. Starting with The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season, which is set to arrive on the system on August 28th.

The Complete First Season includes all five original episodes, as well as add-on anthology 400 Days. Both have been ported from last year’s The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection, which offered substantial visual and performance enhancements over previous editions. Those upgrades will now carry over into The Complete First Season on Switch.

This will be a boon for Nintendo Switch owners who had to use the TellTale site to fill in the story choices leading up to the final season. As for Seasons 02 and 03, they promise that they’ll launch on Switch later this year. Given that they’re wanting to release all of the Season 04 episodes during this year as well, that will mean that the entire series (minus the spinoff games) will be on Switch before the end of 2018.

So be sure to check out the Nintendo eShop next week for when The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

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