Bigben Interactive and Frogwares Studios have been hyping up The Sinking City for months now. What else could they have to show us? Believe it or not, they haven’t gotten around to revealing gameplay footage yet. But it’s here now, in the brand-new “Detective Trailer.”

In The Sinking City, you play a PI trying to make sense of the case he’s wound up trapped in. The setting is New England in the 1920s — the fictional city of Oakmont, Massachusetts. Oakmont has had some flooding issues lately…but that’s not the least of it. All that water is supernatural in origin, a by-product of the Lovecraftian monsters invading the city. A private investigator arrives to determine what’s up. Our fearless detective must explore the city, gather clues and figure out how to end the invasion.

As Charles Reed — the PI’s name — you’ll be completely alone in your investigation, with no allies or partnerships — it’s just you, the rainy streets, and the clues. You play the game by exploring crime scenes, gathering information, and questioning residents while listening for inconsistencies in their stories. Fortunately Reed has some unique abilities that make this one-man task more surmountable, such as his power of Retrocognition, which allows him to replay scenes he’s experienced already.

When we last checked in on The Sinking City, its release date was listed as March 21, 2019. That date is not mentioned in this trailer, nor in the press release it was attached to (which just says it’s coming “soon”). It’s possible the release may have shifted again. It’s coming eventually to Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

And here’s how you play it:

Taking place in the ‘20s, The Sinking City is an action and investigation game inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, the master of horror. The player embodies Charles, a private detective, who comes to Oakmont, Massachusetts in order to investigate the cause of an unprecedented supernatural flood. Within this oppressive, murky atmosphere, the player must discover the origin of whatever has taken control of the city and the minds of its inhabitants.