It wasn’t that long ago we got our first trailer for The Punisher Season 2. It was just last week, in fact. But as we pointed out then and will re-point out now, Netflix is rushing this season out so they can wash their hands of all things Marvel and, by extension, Disney. Why help their future competition?

So…two trailers in two weeks, and the actual series not too long after that (NEXT week). The previous trailer was focused entirely on Jigsaw, Frank’s new enemy that he wound up creating during the climax of the previous season. In the comics, he’s called Jigsaw because they had to reconstruct his face Frankenstein-style. Here, he’s barely scarred, which makes him look more vain in his act of revenge than anything else. Good thing he wears a mask that distorts his mug properly.

It’s in this trailer that we get our first real look at the season’s other villain, John Pilgrim — a fundamentalist who frequently breaks the Commandments. We find out Frank Castle’s general arc and motivation for this season: protecting a girl who is being pursued by Pilgrim for unknown reasons (at least, the trailer doesn’t explain them).

Also, shooting! Lots of shooting and bullet spray and blood spray and wads of dollar bills with blood on them. It won’t be long before Marvel’s output shifts entirely to Disney+ and they can’t get away with this sort of thing anymore. Might as well wallow in it while they can!

The Punisher Season 2 starts running January 18 on Netflix.