Two months ago, French developer Oh BiBi released the mobile shooter Frag on mobile devices. Each match in the game teleports you to an arena along with four AI teammates, which can be pre-chosen from a library of forty. You can switch between the characters at any time, or automatically take control of one when your current character dies. Your team’s goal: be the last ones standing!

In the sixty days since its debut, Frag has done well for itself, gaining over seven million users, 105,000 five-star reviews, and 200,000 Frag-related videos on YouTube. Frag has played host to over 130 million battles with 135 billion shots fired within them. Yes, they counted them all.

“We’re very happy with Frag Pro Shooter’s initial launch; the game has reached a level of traction redefining what we had envisioned,” says Oh Bibi co-founder Stanislas Dewarvin. “Most importantly, we are engaging with a community of very active players that are the heart and soul of Frag Pro Shooter. The launch was just a small stepping stone on the path of Frag’s adventure as we’re truly committed to increasing the content and improving the gaming experience.”

So what will they be adding in the future? “We’ve planned characters for several years ahead alongside some very engaging live events and competitions. The audience wants us to move toward eSport…We’ll do it very very carefully by providing the most competitive players with the tools to build how Frag Pro Shooter, as an eSport, should be shaped. If the game was to succeed on this front, it would be thanks to the most dedicated players.”

  • True FPS adapted to all mobile platforms: controls are designed to offer the best experience on an unmatched variety of mobile devices.
  • Real time intense battles for casual or strategic play: 40 characters with unique special powers.
  • Social integration: the game features a social platform to communicate with fellow fraggers and share videos both in game and on social media.

Check out Frag for free, now on iOS and Android.

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