The first inclination when you see a low-budget horror movie listed with a title like “The Pining” is that it must be some kind of The Shining ripoff. Like…..The Shining only with a killer Christmas tree in place of Jack Nicholson. You see this badly CG’d tree slumped at a bar and the ghost bartender is telling him “Wendy’s plotting against you, man, you gotta throw your ornaments at her.”

But the actual plot is a little more ordinary than that. Members of a therapy group are dying under mysterious circumstances, and a PI is put on the case, despite her lack of expertise with…what may actually be the cause. Perhaps a priest and a handicapped photographer know more, but getting answers from them is difficult. And whatever’s doing people in may be coming for her next….

The Pining stars Jackie Dallas (Stranger Things), Tom Sizemore (“Twin Peaks”, Natural Born Killers), Miguel A. Nunez Jr (“Nashville”, Return of the Living Dead), Jonez Cain (Fruitvale Station), Natalie Gibson (has never acted before but has half a million followers on Instagram….LOL) and Diogo Hausen (The Dark Knight Rises). It was directed by Eduardo Castrillo. The movie will be released exclusively on Amazon Prime later this month. If the villain is ever revealed to be a tree I’ll let you know.

 When members of a therapy group start dying under mysterious circumstances, A hardboiled detective is forced to reopen a cold case. Her only leads are a burnt-out priest and a handicapped photographer, who seem to know more than what is in their police statements.