In Episode 4 of TheParanoidGamer podcast, Robert, Mike, and Taylor begin the discussion about E3 2012, the possibility of next-generation consoles, and much more.

Intro Song: Jamiroquai – High Times

End Song: Dispatch – Con Man

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  1. the problem with the playstation portable series (vita) as i will still continue to call it, is that they are all the same thing imo. there is only one game I have ever played on the playstation portable that I absolutely loved, and that was a port of popolocrois. they didn’t even port the sequel for it, though, so meh.

    nintendo suffers the same thing with the dsiXL type stuff. I jumped straight from dslite to 3ds because it was the first platform that offered an appreciable system upgrade (the cartridges still work in all of them). I bought a 3ds because of the ocarina of time remake in 3d. well, that, and I’m a sucker for the pokemon rpg that’s bound to come out for it.

    As my post suggests, I agree completely about the content being important. I bought an xbox over playstation for 2 reasons – one, game content, and two, controller layout (i still mix up r1 and r2 on PS). that’s it.

    any new system I buy will be subject to these two demands first and foremost.

  2. next podcast: explore the influence of paranormal phenomena on gaming, name games and where the influence came from and explore kind of the whole relationships between “real life events” and gaming, or even literature or other media about paranormal and gaming. obviously there are many games out there you can cover, but it would make a neat podcast to look at that relationship and some of the more unique things that have been done.

  3. I love kickstarter to death, but I’m afraid of what’s going to happen when someone gets a bunch of money and then doesn’t put out what they promised. Right now, kickstarter is loved, but I hope nothing terrible happens to the point where we all really start to get cynical about it.

    As for Dead Space 3 vs. Lost Planet 3, half of the similarities you guys listed can be said of half the games out on the market. I can’t wait to see them both.
    And new Unreal all the way! Championship was one of the first games I got for the original Xbox, played it into the ground.

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