Daedalic Entertainment presents the space exploration RPG The Long Journey Home, previously published on Playstation 4 and XBox but now available on Nintendo Switch too.

After so many long years of only existing in sci-fi movies, mankind finally perfects faster-than-light speeds of travel, making exploration across the universe possible. Unfortunately, the very first manned attempt at an FTL jump doesn’t go quite right, and maroons the crew of astronauts on the other side of the galaxy. Your goal: to get them back home!

It won’t be easy. You must manage their resources carefully, and deal with the alien races you encounter with caution….you won’t know which ones are friendly or hostile. You could risk landing on a planet to gather more resources, but what awaits you there? The worlds you encounter will be procedurally generated, so you’ll never truly know what to expect from anything.

Check out the Switch launch trailer for The Long Journey Home below. The game is available on the platform today.

When humanity’s first FTL jump goes wrong, it strands your group of explorers on the other side of the galaxy from Earth. With your spacecraft barely holding together and resources dwindling, it’s up to you to choose your crew, explore the vastness of space, deal with alien races and find a way to return home.

In this procedurally generated experience, each playthrough is unique and only shows you a small part of The Long Journey Home universe. In any playthrough, you’ll meet at least four different alien races out of a large pool of possible races in various combinations, and it’s up to you to decide how to deal with them – peacefully or through other means.

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