Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s graphic novel series Locke & Key has had a bumpy ride in Hollywood over the last decade. It was first optioned as a potential TV series by Fox in 2011 (it would’ve looked like this). Hulu announced their own version in 2015, and produced their own take on the pilot — only to drop it.

Now Netflix is interested, and this time it’ll definitely happen. How do we know? Because for one thing, Netflix greenlights anything these days — and more importantly, this order is direct-to-series. There will be no pilot process — Netflix has committed itself to making this happen, whether it’s good or bad! (And they honestly don’t care either way.)

Carlton Cuse (Lost and a bunch of Lost knockoffs) was attached to the 2015 Hulu version, and he’s behind this version as well — but it’s reportedly going to be different than what he worked on for Hulu. We don’t know in what way, because the Hulu pilot has never slipped out. Co-creator Joe Hill will serve as executive producer.

In basic terms, Locke & Key is about a group of siblings and their widowed mother who move into a creepy house and find a set of keys. The keys possess different powers, and the kids soon find themselves in over their heads when they try to use them. Horror fans (and we know they read this site) will be interested in this one. They should also read the books, if they haven’t already.

Netflix’s Locke & Key currently has no release window, but that announcement is likely a long way off.

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