Turn-based RPG The Greater Good has been announced for Steam this fall. It’s an old-school turn-based RPG with all the standards: an epic sprawling story, giant wold maps to explore, airships to help explore them, and a New Game+ mode when you beat the game.

Unlike a lot of these throwbacks, however, The Greater Good uses a unique graphical style. It’s not 8 or 16-bit pixel art and it’s not modern rendered 3D models….it’s a flat cel-shaded simplistic look that works quite well.

Machines are on the rise while magic is all but forgotten. Few even remember the destruction of the Elemental Tree so many years ago. Team up with a band of unlikely heroes as you rediscover this world’s past and fight to save its future.

The Greater Good is the product of game developer Sam Enright. It’s a project he completed entirely on his own, taking three years of work.This isn’t counting the years of pre-planning, which put together equals ten years altogether.

“I grew up watching my cousins play games like Chrono Trigger and after years of planning, decided to finally take the leap and work on my own,” says Enright. “Three years later, here we are. I hope the game conjures up a sense of nostalgia while also delivering something new within the genre.”

It’d be good of you to check out The Greater Good when it launches on Steam October 23.