(Warning: Some NSFW [Not Safe For Work] content ahead) My newest interview subject, Ona Zee, is one of the most striking talents to ever work in adult film. A former model, Ona brought some great acting skills to her work. Combined with her fully intense performances, Ona Zee was a tremendous talent. Although she’s no longer performing, Ona did agree to do an e-mail interview with me about her work. I got her answers back on June 13th, and am publishing the interview today.

Say hello to Ona Zee!

Johnny: You started out as a model. Who were your favorite designers to work for, and what are the most outrageous fashions you can recall wearing?

Ona: I did a lot of print and showroom modeling.  I was on contract with several stations like NBC, and did JC Penney and car commercials.  Mostly print.  That’s how Playboy found me.

Johnny: What did modeling teach you that would help you in your endeavors in adult film?

Ona: Modeling taught me to be, on time.  Very strict with my food, keep my weight around 99 pounds.  Not to gossip or especially talk on the job.  Work as many hours as required.

Johnny: In several of your early adult films, you were billed as Joanna Collins, a play on Joan Collins. In what ways besides the name did Joan Collins inspire you?

Ona: I hated Joanna Collins.  I only used it to get started and because the prod/director thought I looked so much like her.  It was my first film.

Johnny: You played Mrs. Rhodes in The Final Taboo, a scathing adult satire of televangelists. Considering how televangelists are still around nowadays, like Joel Osteen and what have you, if someone did a long-time-coming sequel to The Final Taboo, would you make a non-sex appearance in the film?

Ona: Probably.

Johnny: In The Final Taboo, you did a scorching scene with F.M Bradley. As you collaborated with him on several films, what are your favorite memories of working with him?

Ona: F.M Bradley, was beautiful, sensitive and lovely to work with, also hot. I hope he is doing well somewhere.

Johnny: You shared a scene with Ron Jeremy in the movie Twentysomething. Ron doesn’t exactly have the best reputation in the industry, so what was your experience in working with him?

Ona: He is sweet, funny.  He knows who he is and what he looks like so he tries to make his sex scenes fast. I like Ron.

Johnny: You did several scenes with Peter North. The first time you worked with him, were you surprised by the size and consistency of his money shot?

Ona: Yes, absolutely. Quite a guy.

Johnny: You worked a few times with Debi Diamond. Debi was a very active and take-charge performer, so what are your favorite memories of working with her?

Ona:  No memories of Debi, except she was wild and crazy.

Johnny: You did a scene with Jacqueline Lorians in Good Evening, Vietnam. Jacqueline had a gorgeous body, so what was it like to play around with her?

Ona: Honestly don’t remember her.

Johnny: You worked in various movies with both Nina Hartley and Shanna McCullough, both of whom are known for having great-looking butts. What was your favorite body part of the female performers you worked with, the butt or another part of the body?

Ona: Legs, breasts, smooth skin, I love Shanna. We are good friends.

Johnny: Speaking of all-girl films, you created the memorable 90s series Ona’s Doll House. What was the story behind that?

Ona: I loved creating series for my foreign clients.  If they liked the pilot, then I did the series. It was different and fun.  I was the front runner on so many series and movies definitely before any other producers.

Johnny: I often relate the story of seeing the aforementioned Ron Jeremy at Walt Disney World in the late 1990s, so that leads me to ask: Where was the most suprising or unusual place you were recognized for your adult film work?

Ona: In an airport with my husband. Someone shouted out my name.

Johnny:  Moving back to non-adult film credits, you played the character of Carla McKenzie in the 1989 movie Provoked. What can you tell me about that project?

Ona: Great, challenging, just what I wanted to do, exciting and gritty.

Johnny: You had the starring role of Chase Webb in the Chuck Vincent thriller Enrapture. I saw a Cannon Films logo on the IMDB poster for the movie, so if MGM, owners of the Cannon library, currently have the rights and were to license the film to Kino Lorber Studio Classics or Scream Factory for a Blu-Ray or DVD, would you participate in extras?

Ona: Absolutely.

Johnny: You played the role of Frances Warner in 1991’s The Art Of Dying, written and directed by Wings Hauser. What can you tell me about that film?

Ona: He was cool, determined and nuts. Working with him was very real and hard.  I had to be alert. He is very rough, but good.

Johnny: You now work as a real estate agent. What’s been the most wonderfully designed home that you’ve sold?

Ona: Too many.

Johnny: The last time I interviewed a real estate agent was back in 2010 when I did an e-mail interview with Sixteen Candles actress Haviland Morris. At the time, we were still recovering from the Great Recession, so I asked Haviland about selling houses in a down economy. The question to you is: Have things improved since 2010, or do you think we’re on the brink of another recession?

Ona: Absolutely, rices are up and interest very low now. In the recession anyone with money brought up. Now things are turning around again, so there is opportunity. I do well with my partner.

Johnny: Jumping back to adult films, what’s been the most wonderful piece of memorabilia from that part of your work that you’ve ever signed?

Ona: Something for a very famous actor/academy award winner.  That’s all I can say. Just wonderful. That’s it, hunny. Love you. Lady O.

Thank you to Ona Zee for taking the time to do an e-mail interview with me. Stay tuned to the Flashback Interview for upcoming conversations with Sarah Kernochan, Mindi Miller, Ann Jillian and more.

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