Dawna Lee Heising, my newest interview subject, is a busy and versatile performer who has been acting since the 1980s. Starting with small roles in 80s cult classics like Blade Runner and My Science Project, Dawna, who is also a trained dancer, really came into her own in the 00s and has continued making a wide variety of films from comedies and dramas to action movies and horror films. We spoke about the many facets of her diverse career on Monday, October 7th. I hope you all enjoy getting to know her.

Say hello to Dawna Lee Heising!

Johnny: Hello, Dawna. I thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to do this, and I have my questions ready to go…

Dawna: Okay. I am ready!

Johnny: …Starting with this: Was being in the entertainment industry your childhood dream, or had you initially planned on doing something else?

Dawna: You know, it’s hard to say. I’d been a cheerleader and on the dance team from the ninth grade on. I’ve been a dancer my whole life and I enjoy performing, but being from an Asian family, I just knew that I had to go to school. I know that when I first went to U.C Berkeley, I went there to be a dietitian because my mom wanted me to be one and I majored in Chemistry.

Johnny: Alright.

Dawna: …But I’ve always loved performing.

Johnny: Okay. One of your earliest roles, albeit uncredited, was as one of the masked showgirls in Blade Runner. What do you recall the most about that shoot?

Dawna: Oh, that was just an amazing shoot. I think it was my very first shoot, and luckily I was a dancer so I booked it. I think I’m onscreen for maybe two seconds, but I worked on that film for three weeks straight. They built this set that looked like Chinatown, and we worked all night for at least two weeks straight. I remember that the whole Chinatown set was filled with tons of people, and smoke was constantly blowing, which gave things an eerie feel. It was just such an exciting time, and I remember that when I was wearing a green dress and standing on a corner, Daryl Hannah, or her stunt double, did these magnificent back flips right in front of me.

Johnny: Oh, yeah. I remember that scene.

Dawna: Yeah, that’s the one scene that’s vividly burned into my mind.

Johnny: Yeah, that was a fantastic movie. It’s easily one of my all-time favorites from the 80s. To go to my next question, you played a Sorceress in 1985’s “My Science Project”. What are your favorite memories of that project?

Dawna: It’s really difficult (laughing) because, as you know, it was so long ago. In those days, I had really small roles on huge sets, so it was just normal to be on this huge soundstage with a spectacular craft services table and being surrounded by major stars on the set. I do remember it was a fun set, but I think it was a one-day job and we were the ghosts of these characters. I did watch that movie and it had amazing special effects. I also watched “Blade Runner”, and I loved it. A legendary film like that brings back so many amazing memories! I didn’t watch the second Blade Runner because I didn’t think it could match the first one.

Johnny: Yeah. I’ve yet to see the second “Blade Runner” myself, but I definitely think the original was fantastic. To go to a different question, you had a few acting roles in the 90s, but not as many as when you started on your revival roll in the 00s. Why was that?

Dawna: Well, I went back to school to finish my Bachelor’s Degree. I earned my B.S. in Business Management from Pepperdine University, and then I went on to get an MBA, also from Pepperdine. I went into technology marketing, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, computers, LED lighting and other technologies. I was the Director for Marketing for different technology companies during my time off. I actually started four marketing departments at different companies, and I set up the publicity departments. I handled advertising and I handled trade shows for most of these companies, and I worked my way up to being a Marketing Vice President. I missed show business so much that I started my show “Eye on Entertainment”, just to interview people in the film business, but I also loved my time in corporate business and I learned so much. When I came back to the film industry, I took every role offered to me because I just wanted to get a sense of being on the set again, but it was so different from when I first started out because anybody with a camera could make a film, and with my business background, I could kind of see what was going to work and what wasn’t.

Johnny: Fantastic. To go with one of those 00s credits, which would later become a credit in this decade, you were cast by your friend and frequent collaborator, and one of my former interview subjects, Aki Aleong, in the movie “Chinaman’s Chance: America’s Other Slaves”, which would eventually be revised and retitled “Railroad To Hell: A Chinaman’s Chance”.

Dawna: Oh my god. I love Aki (laughing)!

Johnny: He was definitely a fantastic storyteller when I interviewed him, so as a performer of Asian descent, what did working on that movie mean for you?

Dawna: Well, actually, my scene was filmed after that. Aki came to my house to show me the film. This must have been around seven years ago because it was right after my father died. My father drowned in an accident at a Burke Williams Spa, a company that I will NEVER visit. Aki came to my house and he showed me his copy of what was called at the time “Chinaman’s Chance”. I watched the whole thing with my family, and he said he would be my Chinese father, and ever since then, he has been part of my family. He’s been my mentor, and I do a lot of his publicity. He made me the Vice President of his Mustard Seed Media Group, and we’ve just been really, really good friends. His wife, Conchita, is one of my best friends. We filmed the scene later on to put into the movie, and I got my friend, filmmaker Dustin Ferguson, the job of doing the latest edit on the film, which is now called “Railroad To Hell: A Chinaman’s Chance”. As you know, the original was filmed maybe 15 years ago, so it had to be changed into HD, which Dustin did. Aki is now making final adjustments to the film, but it is in a format that is ready to be released, and it has so many major stars in it, including the late Ernest Borgnine and Edward Albert. It’s a great story about the Chinese working on the railroad. I hope that it is released soon. I’m an associate producer on it, and I’m part-Chinese, so it’s a very special film to me.

Johnny: Fantastic. To go to the earlier part of this decade, you produced and played the character of Betty Styles-Gray on the online series “The Alien’s Wife”. What’s the story behind that project?

Dawna: Well, that was one of the very first projects I worked on when I came back to the film industry. I used to work with this creative genius named John Cox. He and I started “Eye on Entertainment” on Time Warner Cable together. We would either do interviews in the Time Warner Cable studio with Linda Lou, or we would travel to wherever the stars were filming. Actually, the first person who asked me to interview his people was a manager named Matt Chassin, who handles a lot of people in horror, and that is how I got into the world of horror. Matt found me on LinkedIn, of all places. I’m not an expert on horror films (laughing), and I never professed to be one, but I got to meet and become really good friends with horror stars like Bill Oberst Jr. and Domiziano Arcangeli. I’ve interviewed many of the most famous horror people around, and because of that show, I’m really good friends with R.A Mihailoff, who played Leatherface. All of this comes full circle because Aki plays my father in my latest film John Reign’s “Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption”, and R.A lives in Pennsylvania and attended the premiere of “Finding Purpose” and he comes to visit me on the set. He also wants to do a project with John Reign. Everyone wants to work with John Reign now!

Johnny: Alright. I’ll be getting to that credit in a couple of questions, but first I want to ask this: One of your skills is dancing, and you utilized that skill on the Fall Out Boy project “The Young Blood Chronicles”. What are your favorite memories of that project?

Dawna: That was an amazing project. I remember that it was an all-day set. I’m a pole dancer, and I’ve taken ballet and jazz my whole life. I was going to be a dance major at UCLA, but I decided to go into the film business instead of going to school full-time. I didn’t go to UCLA, but later on I went on U.C. Berkeley. This is a whole other story, but I won Miss San Francisco Universe, and that’s how I got into the business, so I guess “Blade Runner” actually wasn’t my first project as I was Miss Hawaii on Fantasy Island. As I said before, I’ve taken ballet and jazz my whole life. I’ve always loved to dance, and I started taking pole dancing maybe 10 years ago. Anyway, in the Fall Out Boy video, they needed pole dancers, but when I got on set, they had hired real strippers (laughing). They had two real strippers stripping and pole-dancing. I took pole-dancing as a sport, and I didn’t really realize that some people did it without their clothes on because I’ve never been to a strip club and I’ve never done nudity (laughing), you know? Anyway, I remember it was quite a shock to me that there were real strippers doing these pole dances and these lap dances. I also remember that Tommy Lee was a guest on the set, and I’m a huge fan of Tommy Lee. He played the devil.

Johnny: That must have been very fascinating. It sounds like a lot more fun than the one music video shoot I participated in. It was last year, the second of three years that the Hoboken International Film Festival was held in my hometown of Greenwood Lake, NY. I participated in a shoot for the music video of the festival’s theme song. I got there early and was there well into the night. My brother picked me up since I don’t drive, and he waited. Filming started at 11:30 AM and didn’t stop until, like, 10:30 that evening. I almost wasn’t in the video because the person producing it felt I wasn’t attired suitably for the concept of the video, but I still got a couple of seconds in there anyway. It was interesting. It was kind of fun, but it isn’t something I would ever want to do again.

Dawna: (Laughing) You know, I have to tell you: Everyone thinks that show business is so glamorous, but a lot of it is sitting around waiting. I love music videos because generally they’re action all through-and-through, but when you’re doing good films, a lot of it is just waiting because of the different camera angles that have to be shot and the lighting setups. I’m sorry you didn’t have a good time on your shoot, but music videos, if you’re working with an experienced director, usually go fast. In fact, one thing I can say is that if I go out on an audition for a music video, I generally get it and I have a great time on set. I did one called “This Head I Hold” with Electric Guest, and it’s still one of my favorites. I remember it was shown on HBO for something, and I was so excited. I also did a music video for Travie McCoy called “Golden”. It was the most fantastic song, and I kept waiting for it to get on the radio, and it never played. I think this business is just so hard that even stars like Travie McCoy and Sia can’t be sure whether their song is going to hit the big time or not. I just got booked to do a music video for a rock band called Falling In Reverse tomorrow night. I am playing a prostitute so that will be fun. I also recently did a music video for jpegMAFIA and Kenny Banks called “Puff Daddy”.

Johnny: It really is a roll of the dice when you’re in the entertainment industry, but one roll for you that was very successful was this: You played Reita in Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, a project I backed on Kickstarter.

Dawna: Oh!

Johnny: You’re the fifth talent I’ve interviewed from that film after Lisa London, Mel Novak, Laurene Landon and Kristine DeBell. What made that project so special for you?

Dawna: You know, to be honest, I think that role was the start to achieving the career I wanted. My career has really just skyrocketed these past couple of years, and I’m so grateful to God for letting it happen, but I do believe it started with Gregory Hatanaka casting me in “Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance”. My uncle is Tak Fujimoto, who is a legendary Cinematographer. He was the Director of Photography on “Silence of the Lambs”, “Sixth Sense” and “Philadelphia”, and Gregory knew my cousin Nick. I am very grateful to Gregory for giving me a role with Tommy Wiseau. I only had three lines with him, but Tommy is very charismatic and amazing, and we shot the scene right before he became really famous again because of James Franco’s “The Disaster Artist”, so it was great timing. I remember that I got to the set at something like 9:00 in the morning. We didn’t shoot my scene until maybe 1:00 that night, and so I was waiting on set that whole time, you know, just talking to everyone, and luckily I did make some friends on the set. At the time, I had never seen The Room, so I didn’t know who Tommy Wiseau was, and my role was to teach Tommy how to use a sword. I’ve taken karate for a while. I’ve taken Tang Soo Do martial arts for five years, but I never used a sword before, so I didn’t know how to use a sword (laughing). I got on set and I was showing Tommy how to use a sword, and then he was so nice. He took me offstage, and he showed me how to show him how to use the sword. I have to say that Tommy is a true Star and he has so much charisma. There’s just something special about him, and it just exudes from his pores, and I can see why he is the phenomenon that he is.

Johnny: That’s lovely to hear. One of your more recent frequent collaborators, as you mentioned, has been Dustin Ferguson, who has given you some pretty juicy roles. How did you befriend him?

Dawna: My good friend Luc Bernier connected me with Dustin through Facebook. I really want to give a shout out to Luc. He’s no longer on Facebook and he lives in Canada, so I don’t get to talk to him as much as I used to, but Luc has gotten me a lot of my film roles by just introducing me to people. Dustin used to live in Lincoln, Nebraska, so my first role with him was, I believe, “Meathook Massacre 2”, and that was just a really fun shoot. I went in for two days, and Deborah Dutch played my sister. Deborah and I had a great time rooming with each other and the shoot was awesome. I played the killer’s mother and we shot in the famous Robbers Cave in Lincoln. Colby Coash, who was a Nebraska State Senator at the time, played my husband and that was exciting.

That was my first role with Dustin, and I did an interview with him on set because I used to do interviews for Seth Metoyer and “More Horror in Hollywood”. During that interview, he told me he was going to be working on a film called “Nemesis 5”, which was going to be executive-produced by Albert Pyun, who’s a legendary filmmaker in Nevada. I asked him to put me in “Nemesis 5”, because I’ve always wanted to be in a sci-fi film, and Dustin came through. Mike Reeb wrote an incredible scene for me in “Nemesis 5” as a Cyborg. Aki Aleong was supposed to play my father in it, but he got sick right before the shoot, so luckily Mel Novak, who is a good friend, stepped in as my brother. It was my first fight scene, and it is still one of my favorite scenes ever. Mike did such a great job writing the scene, Guy White’s lighting is fantastic and Dustin did an incredible job in directing the scene. I won an acting award for my role, and I can’t thank Dustin enough for giving it to me.

After the success of “Nemesis 5”, Dustin decided to come out to California and pursue his career, and he now lives in Murietta, California. Dustin is one of my really good friends, and he’s a go-getter, so I know he’s going to hit the big time. There is no stopping him. We did the film “RoboWoman together”, in which I played RoboWoman. We ran into a few production problems during the making of the film. I mean, it had a great script, and Joe Castro did the amazing special effects, but our producer died halfway through the film and it was not completely funded, so Dustin didn’t have all of the crew that he wanted. Various things happened during the filming, but Dustin is so capable that he picked up the pieces and we did the best job that we could. I was excited to be able to use my martial arts skills in the film since, as I said before, I have been taking Tang Soo Do for years. Dustin recently finished “Los Angeles Shark Attack”, and the legendary Chuck Cirino is the Director of Photography on that. I have a small role in that, and it’s going to be a huge film for Dustin when it comes out. I’m also very proud to say that I’m an Executive Producer on Dustin’s documentary “Direct To Video”, which features interviews with many of the great directors and cinematographers in Hollywood.

Johnny: That’s fantastic to hear, and you really are a great team. To move to a different project, you played Deana the Psychic in a project called “Las Vegas Vietnam: The Movie”.

Dawna: Yes!

Johnny: What can you tell me about that movie and your role in it?

Dawna: That film is very special to me because it’s so jam-packed with stars. It stars Eric Roberts, Lorenzo Lamas, Branscombe Richmond and Nicholas Turturro. A few years ago, I did an “Eye on Entertainment” interview with the executive producer, writer and star of the film Ron Becks, and he remembered me and wrote a role for me with Tina Le, who is now one of my best friends. Tina is the executive producer and star of the film, along with Ron, and Tina is just amazing. She recently moved from Orange County, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, and every time I shoot in Las Vegas, she gets me a room to stay in. I am really grateful to Tina for all that she has done for me, and I’m really proud of our scene together. It’s very intense and dramatic, and I can’t wait until the film finally comes out. I know that Ron and Tina had a premiere for the Vietnamese community here in Southern California because they were great supporters of the film. The film was translated into Vietnamese (laughing), so I saw my scene in the Vietnamese language, but I haven’t really seen the real scene yet. Ron and Tina are both fantastic in the film!

Johnny: I hope it’s a big success.

Dawna: Oh, it will be. This film has so many stars, and Tina’s a great actress. Ron’s the other lead in it, and Ron is a great actor. They’re two of my best friends now because I’ve worked with them so much.

Johnny: Alright. To go to my next question, you recently recited a monologue from Shakespeare’s Macbeth in a short called “Dark Classics”, so did you find it difficult to recite Shakespeare’s dialogue, or was it easy?

Dawna: I am taking my career very, very seriously now. When I first came back to the business, and it’s been about ten years now, I was accepting every role I was offered just to get the lay of the land and get experience and build up my resume. I have to say I did some projects that weren’t great as far as production quality. During the last four years, I decided that I only wanted to do good work that I am proud of, and I started taking acting lessons at South Coast Repertory, which is the biggest theatre on the West Coast. I started taking lessons with Matthew Arkin, who is Alan Arkin’s son, and I feel that I have learned so much, both in class and on set, that I can handle any role I am offered.

I had never performed Shakespeare before, but I’ve seen many plays. Filmmaker Brian Barsuglia was doing a documentary called “A Bard for All Ages: Shakespeare’s Timeless Effect”, and he invited actors to do monologues from Shakespeare to be used in the documentary. This is a huge documentary because Brian is a filmmaker, but he’s also a professor here in Southern California. The documentary is going to be shown in the California educational system, and it’s something I really wanted to be involved in. I had heard of Brian since I live in Huntington Beach, and Brian was the head of the Huntington Beach Film Festival for many years. I contacted Brian, and he suggested that I do Lady Macbeth’s monologue, so I did. To prepare for the role, I started studying with this wonderful teacher named Karole Foreman. She’s a singer, as well as an actress, and she went to school with Jamie Foxx. Karole has written two musicals that are based on Shakespeare, and she helped me so much with the monologue. The hardest part was memorizing the words, but once I did, it was easy to perform because it’s just like regular acting. For your performances to be real, you have to reach certain depths and really feel the emotions. You have to use sense memory and all of the skills that you use with regular acting. It took me months to prepare for it because I wanted to do a good job. By the time I was ready to do it, Brian was no longer filming for the documentary, but he told me if I could film it myself, he would include it in the documentary.

I now only do my show “Eye on Entertainment” to promote the films that I am in because I want to focus on acting and become the best actress that I can be. My partner in the show today is Dr. Renah Wolzinger, and she is also one of my best friends. She lives two blocks from me, and she was my Final Cut Pro professor at Golden West College. She’s also a musician and is working on a project for Jay-Z and Beyonce. She’s also the CTO of a technology company, so she’s really busy, but I set up the shoot with her, and she brought in her husband, an American Airlines pilot named Keith Wolzinger, who is also a musician. Every time there’s an event with a plane, Keith goes on CNN to talk about what happened. Renah also brought in another American Airlines pilot named Craig Railsback, who is Steve Railsback’s nephew. Steve Railsback is famous for playing Charles Manson in “Helter Skelter”. I wasn’t aware of it when I met Craig, but now I know what a great actor Steve Railsback is. Craig has his own film company, and he’s a fantastic director and an expert at lighting. I really lucked out at having Craig direct and light my monologue, and it came out so great that we decided to make it into a six-minute short called “Dark Classics”, and it’s taken on a life of its’ own. I was honored to win Best Actress for “Dark Classics” at the LANFA Film Festival. “Dark Classics” was also an Official Selection of the 2019 Action On Film Festival in Las Vegas, and of the 2019 Huntington Beach Film Festival, too. I was shooting a film in Pennsylvania so I couldn’t attend the Huntington Beach Film Festival, but my husband and Craig both attended it. I am just so proud of being a part of Brian’s “A Bard for All Ages: Shakespeare’s Timeless Effect, and of “Dark Classics” because Craig did such a great job with the project, and also because I never thought I would be performing Shakespeare, but now I’ve even won an award for it.

Johnny: That’s fantastic to hear. I actually recited a Shakespearean monologue back in 4th or 5th grade. There was this reading contest we had in middle school where kids would recite something out of a book, and whoever won would get a 10 dollar gift certificate to a bookstore. I ended up winning it by reciting the To Be or Not to Be monologue. It got a good response. I won first place, I think. Unfortunately, when I did come onstage, I did so with a bit of a spin and I started booming out the Shakespearean monologue, and I did have to deal with a couple of asshole kids who were laughing at me.

Dawna: Congratulations for winning first place! Do you have a video of it? I’ll share it.

Johnny: Whichever adult recorded it, I haven’t kept in touch with them since middle school. It was a very painful time for me, really, and that was one of the only good things about it.

Dawna: Aw. That’s amazing, though. That’s something you should be really proud of.

Johnny: I am. We now go back to you, and we go to a project you worked on recently in Las Vegas called “Bad President”. How did you get involved in that project?

Dawna: I was just so fortunate to become a part of “Bad President”. Param Gill is the director. He’s an award-winning filmmaker, and it was a SAG project. Do you know who Eddie Griffin is?

Johnny: I do. I’m familiar with his work. He’s a noted comedian.

Dawna: Well, he’s the star of the film, and he is a real STAR. I got this film through my great friend Robert Amico. I can’t thank him enough. I play Misery, Robert plays Shame and Justin Shenkarow plays Anger, and we’re the three minions to Eddie Griffin, who plays Lucifer. Justin won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for Picket Fences. Robert, Justin and I filmed all of our scenes with Eddie Griffin, and he took us and the crew to his nightclub act. Eddie is one of the most talented people who I have ever met. He would keep us all laughing between scenes, and then instantly become Lucifer when the cameras were rolling. I am a huge fan. Jeff Rector does an amazing job as Trump, and the film is going to be released right before the election. It’s a huge film and it’s going to be released to theaters. Param Gill is a genius, and the screenplay by the late journalist John Buchanan is fantastic. It’s based on real life events, so whether you’re for or against Trump, you will like this movie.

Johnny: I was actually going to ask about that, but thank you for answering my questions about it. I, myself, am not a Trump supporter, so I’m looking forward to seeing what this movie is about.

Dawna: I think you’ll probably really, really like it then (laughing).

Johnny: Alright. Now we come to “Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption”. How did you get involved in that project?

Dawna: Maybe two years ago, I became friends with filmmaker John Reign online because he had a magazine called “Crank-it Up”, and one of his friends wrote a feature story on me, and I was on the cover of the magazine. John and I have been friends on Facebook for about two years, and John is an incredible filmmaker. He’s done some horror films in the past through his production company Polestar Productions. (www.polestarprod.com) His film “Ned” is a cult classic worldwide. John says that once he hit 60, he wanted to do a quality film that he could be proud of. Right before they were supposed to shoot, I was cast in one of his horror films called “Latent”, but right before it was supposed to shoot, he decided to do a film that he wrote called “Finding Purpose”. It’s a fictional film, but it is based on his late brother Rod, who was mentally challenged and who died five years ago. John had Rod live with him until he died, and so the character in Finding Purpose is based on his brother.

As I said earlier, a few years ago, I made the decision that I wanted to start doing quality films. I really wanted to be more selective about the films I was involved in. I contacted John and I said, “Look, I really want to be in your film because I know the quality of your work”, so he wrote a part for me, and in March I flew back to Pennsylvania to film “Finding Purpose”. It was a smaller-budget film because John financed it himself as his other financiers only wanted to produce horror films. John and I had amazing chemistry on set during our scenes. I played his ex-girlfriend Sky, and I was really in only the last half of the film, but we had so much connection that he expanded my role, and I ended up being his girlfriend in the film. John is such a great actor that he gives you so much to work with, just with his eyes alone. I love the character of Skye, and I’m so honored that he gave me such an amazing part. I went back for the premiere in Pennsylvania, and the theater was packed. My friend R.A. Mihailoff was there. I have to tell you, Johnny, that this film is fantastic. In fact, if you’re a reviewer, I would love to send you a screener to it. Do you do film reviews?

Johnny: That’s actually handled by other writers for Pop Geeks, but I can mention it to the site’s owner and run it by her as to whether she would want to pass it on to one of the reviewers.

Dawna: That would be great. If I can, I’ll private message the information to you, and you can pass it on to whoever you think would be best. I would appreciate it so much because it is an incredible film and I am so proud of being in it. It’s such a fantastic film that Roger Paul, who heads one of the biggest talent agencies on the East Coast, signed John right after that. The film has gotten such a great response that different distribution companies want to put out “Finding Purpose”, and so Roger Paul is going through all the contracts right now.

The sky is the limit for John because of his talent, creativity and tenacity! We just finished the big budget sequel to “Finding Purpose”, called “Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption”. We filmed for three weeks in Pennsylvania and the film is heartwarming and is also filled with comedy and drama. I can’t wait for everyone to see it! I was recently the Queen of the Hollywood Silver Screen Festival and John was the STAR of the show, along with Oscar-winner Chris Tashima, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Justin Shenkarow and the legendary Aki Aleong, who plays my father in “Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption”. John was nominated for Best Actor and he won Best Feature Film for “Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption”. John is an incredible talent and his beautiful wife Winnie is now one of my best friends. They stayed with me and my husband here in Huntington Beach during the Festival. Now that I am part of the Polestar family, I want to continue working with them forever!

What I would like to do after we finish our interview is connect you with John if you’re interested in an interview. He has a fantastic story. He used to be an Elvis impersonator. He has a great voice, and he was also a famous musician. He worked at The Magic Castle, but he almost died doing Houdini’s water tank trick, so he gave that up. He’d be a fantastic interview for you if you’re interested.

Johnny: I’ll definitely consider it. I’ll check out his IMDB page and see what I can do with it…

Dawna: Okay.

Johnny: …But to stick with you: Over the course of your career, you’ve played quite a few psychics and sorceresses, so do you believe in the mystical and the supernatural yourself?

Dawna: I’m Catholic and my husband’s Catholic, too. We were both raised in Catholic schools, so we were trained not to use Ouija boards and things like that, but we did (laughing)…or at least, I did. I believe in things like Ouija boards and supernatural forces, but I believe that…I want to say this the right way. I believe that there are evil forces in the world, who want to sidetrack us, and I think that they may be behind things like Ouija boards. I do believe in psychics. I do believe that there are different ways to connect to our loved ones. I’m a very positive person, and I never ever want to be negative or associate with negative people. I believe in being around people who are positive because I believe that we give positive ions off to the world. They contribute to the energy of the world. If you associate with negative people, they give off negative ions and it will affect the aura around you, so I try to always be around positive people. Luckily, my whole family is positive. My husband is definitely a positive person, and keeps me positive. I try to do everything I can to avoid negative people, but I do believe that some psychics can connect to real people. I think that there can be good psychics, and then there can be bad psychics, and because of that, maybe angels can guide people who are really hurting to the good psychics, and the demons will attract the negative people to the bad psychics. My mom is Japanese, and she’s Buddhist. I’m Christian, but I believe that there is one God, and that there are different prophets for that God. I do believe that we need to be good people. We need to be good to our families. We need to be good to the people around us to go to Heaven. Does that answer your question?

Johnny: It does. On a lighter note, have you ever attended autograph conventions like The Hollywood Show in California or the Chiller Theatre convention in Parsippany, NJ, and if not, would you consider doing so?

Dawna: You know, after working with John Reign on both of his “Finding Purpose” movies and working with Param Gill on “Bad President, I think I might consider it now. I’ve been asked before, but I didn’t really feel that I wanted to. I’m really a humble person, although I self-promote so much. You have to in this business, but I don’t really feel like a celebrity, and I definitely don’t want to charge people for my autograph. I mean, I’ve been getting autograph requests for the last five years, and what I do is I just send them pictures I have here. I probably shouldn’t say this because people will inundate me (laughing), but I send 4X6 pictures of film posters or things like that, and I am a swimsuit model. I have tons of swimsuit pictures, so I send them those, or I send them my magazine covers. I’m still a model, and I’m still on the covers of magazines, and it seems that I have been getting even more autograph requests since I returned from Pennsylvania. And also John showed me a picture that I had autographed that was selling on eBay!!!

Johnny: Alright.

Dawna: …But I do want to appear at these different conventions since I have so many friends who do them and I think it would be a great time. R.A does them. I met the late Sid Haig, and he was the nicest man. I know he did them. I’ve met and interviewed Bill Moseley, who graduated from Yale, and I know he goes to them. I think it would be a really fun time, and I finally do have films that are going to be released to theaters that are going to be big, and I feel like I have finally reached the next level in my career.

I don’t want to be famous, but I do want to be known as the best actress that I can be. I am grateful to Param Gill for casting me in “Bad President”, I am grateful to Dustin Ferguson for my scene in “Nemesis 5”, and I am mostly grateful to John Reign for “Finding Purpose” and “Finding Purpose: The Road to Redemption” because both films are amazing and John says that he is going to take me to the next level with him and the entire Polestar family!!!

Thank you so much for thinking me worthy of an interview. I really appreciate it!

Johnny: Absolutely no problem at all. I’ll definitely be in touch again soon.

I would like to thank Dawna Lee Heising for taking the time out of her schedule to speak to me. For more information about Dawna Lee Heising’s work, past and present, you can visit her official website.

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