Hewes Pictures has delivered the experimental short The Ascension Of Ava Delaine to Amazon Prime Video. Running at just five minutes and seven seconds, it may not sound like much, but it took a lot of effort to pull off.

You see, the short was shot entirely by drone, in one take, by one woman who had to change wardrobe multiple times. That woman was horror icon Tonya Kay (D-RAILED, EVIL BONG 777, GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR), who also directed the short. How did she pull it off?

“What you see from the drone front is the movie,” says Kay. “What was happening behind those walls was a whirlwind of rambunctious nudity and focused determination.” We bet.

“Everyone has seen single-takes performed horizontally – even on a drone. I wanted to challenge the technology and give viewers something they’ve truly never witnessed before: a story-based single-take that travels vertically – voyeuristically meeting our actress on a new floor, in new wardrobe, in a new decade of her life, with new emotions in real time.”

The only major element of this short that Kay didn’t handle herself was the script. Written by Shaula Evans, it’s described as “a female empowerment fantasy, non-verbally showing a woman becoming more confident, more sexual and more valuable as she ages.”

The Ascension Of Ava Delaine was produced by Danger Arts, and on staff were cinematographer and Drone Operator Andria Chamberlin, Sound Designer Jaime Billings, Storyboard Artist Leslie Abney, 1st AD SaraAnne Fahey, Set Designer Monica Kay and Property Master Rachel Bartlett. Serving as Executive Producers of the whole project were Dennis Ho, Teddy Yonenaka and Michael Kofsky.

You can now check out The Ascension of Ava Delaine on Amazon Prime. It’s also available on Independent Shorts Awards TV and Opprime.

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