Sony has produced a limited-edition run of metallic Playstation 4s, covered in imitation fake gold. They come with a controller and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, containing all three Uncharted games from the PS3 remastered to run smoother. In order to get one, you have to beat the devil in a fiddling contest. Actually you have to eat at Taco Bell. The first option sounds less risky.

For some reason it’s not as simple as peeling back a sticker this time. You’re given a code instead, which you can only obtain with a specific purchase, the Big Box (no surprise this is a menu item they’ve been trying to hype lately). You have to text the code to a special number, and only then will they tell you if you won a Playstation 4.

It’s not technically true that you HAVE to buy the Taco Bell Big Box to enter this contest. Like most of these promotions, the fine print says “No purchase necessary” and it refers to the ability to write in a request for a free game piece. However, the fact that you still have to do this by mail, despite the modern connected age we all live in, proves they would really prefer you didn’t take this option, and that they’re only offering it due to some mandatory legal law.

The PS4 contest will be running from September 24 through November 4.


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