Last week we gave a brief overview of Syrinscape’s plans for Gen Con. Today the event has begun, and we have more detailed information as to what to expect from their booth.

As previously reported, Syrinscape will be using the Gen Con crowd to crowdsource sounds for their upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Dragon Heist Soundset. To become immortalized in this set, look for an enclosure called the Soundcave (which Syrinscape has used before). Syrinscape will record your voice and possibly use it in the set’s mix.

The Syrinscape booth in the Exhibit Hall (#343) will also have previews of Syrinscape’s soundset for the Pathfinder RPG, Curse of the Crimson Throne, and the world premiere of the first official SoundSet for the Call of Cthulhu RPG. There will be scheduled events within the booth, such as a Friday night Pathfinder Special in the Sagamore Ballroom that accepts 1200 players, and the 1000-player Gamers Live events. Syrinscape creator Benjamin Loomes will be present to host Music & Ambiance in Gaming in the Paizo Seminar Room.

Finally, you can hear your RPGs but can you smell them? Syrinscape is partnering up with a company called Adventure Scents which specializes in creating scent effects for RPGs. It’s called the Total Immersion Workshop, and it takes place Friday at 11 AM.