Mixed Realms Ltd has announced the upcoming stylistic roguelike deck builder Gordian Quest. With a unique blend of tactical combat, strategic gameplay, and boisterous animated heroes, Gordian Quests takes players on a journey to defeat an ultimate evil plaguing the land.

In Gordian Quest players will traverse through a land fraught with evil and monsters to challenge a sinister curse that has befallen it. Assembling a team of heroes, players will lead their group through challenging missions while working to forge bonds between their characters. As players progress through their tumultuous journey they’ll be able to train their team and attempt to get them to work together. They will discover bonds among the heroes which will spawn access to combo abilities unique to these relationships.

Gordian Quest features multiple levels of difficulty including a hardcore mode in which players will have to contend with the possibility of permadeath as well as casual modes that will return players to town should their team be defeated. Players will also be able to shape their gameplay and course of adventure in Gordian Quest though decisions made while encountering side quests and events.

Gordian Quest will be coming to Steam Early Access in Q1 2020. To find out more about Gordian Quest visit the official site here.

View the trailer below: