No more fooling around; it’s time to actually witness real clips from Hawkins, Indiana circa the summer of 1985. Netflix makes us wait ridiculously long for new seasons of Stranger Things — the first tease for this one was released almost a year ago; the Starcourt Mall commercial. This is not a commercial, nor is it a clip from Dick Clark’s Rockin’ eve or a GIF of some rats — it’s what we’ve been waiting for.

Mike is depressed because he feels like all his friends are growing up and moving on. That’s kinda what happens when you focus a show on children and you take this long to make new episodes. But the circumstances aren’t helping. That new flashy mall is attracting all the social attention, and a traveling carnival is taking up the remainder of anyone’s spare time. Things are changing in Hawkins…for the stranger.

A lot of shots in this trailer have yet to make sense. Nancy and Jonathan are in fancy suits waiting in the lobby of Hawkins’ local newspaper, for…reasons. Hopper is smoking in a restaurant…better enjoy that activity while you still can, cop. There are also butts in colorful spandex snapping to aerobics at one point.

But just when you think you’ve seen it all, the series majorly ups the ante in the last few seconds with ONE GIANT HORRIFIC MONSTER — YES!

Stranger Things Season 3 crashes onto Netflix July 4. And because I feel like it, let’s watch that Starcourt Mall commercial one more time…