Toronto-based indie developer Potion Games presents StickyBots, their new online multiplayer side-scrolling platform shooter.

In StickyBots you play as what the title says you are….a robot that can stick to any wall. Leaping along caverns and collecting power-ups, your goal — and that of your friends — is to beat the rival team by eliminating them. Their goal: the same. It’s a simple yet engaging concept.

According to Potion, “It all started with a fascination for geckos able to walk on walls. What if instead the geckos were grenade launcher wielding robots? And thus, StickyBots was born.”

SitckyBots entered Steam Early Access in November 2018, and reached complete status in lightning-fast time by Steam standards. The complete version can now be acquired for $8.99.

StickyBots combines shooting and platforming for a unique, adrenaline pumped, action packed experience. Unconstrain your play style by swapping your character class mid-fight. Climb up walls and on the ceiling for a special perspective on the battle. Use momentum by bunny hopping, rocket jumping, and falling with style across the map. StickyBots is complete with both single player and online multiplayer modes.