Bioware’s Anthem is one of the most ambitious video games that will be released this winter — in the works since 2012, the game is an MMO where players form teams of armored “Freelancers” with a mission to explore the area surrounding their colony. It’s the wish of Bioware — and their parent company EA — that Anthem turns into their next big franchise. They already have a plan ready to go if that happens, stretching out ten years.

Bioware wants you to play Anthem so badly that they’ve produced a trailer enticing you to play it before its official release. The Anthem VIP Demo will be the earliest version of Anthem released to the public. There are two ways to gain access to it: pre-order the game, or subscribe for at least one month to EA’s Steam wannabe, Origin.

There IS a third way: be buddies with someone who paid for either of those things. Each VIP Demo player will be given three passes to give to their friends. But that requires human contact and being nice to one another, the hardest requirement of them all.

If you don’t want to preorder and you don’t have any friends, just wait one week. From February 1 through February 3, the Open Beta will be active, allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry to play the Anthem demo. The catch is that it’s a timed release that’ll expire on the 4th.

But by then, the wait will be mere weeks. Anthem comes out February 22 for Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.