Publisher Raw Fury and developer Massive Damage (creators of Halcyon 6) announced a new squad-based roguelike called Star Renegades last February. Today, they revealed the gameplay and what it looks like, in a style they’ve deemed “2DX.”

Outside of fighting, Star Renegades is a strategy roguelike. Once the battle begins, the perspective shifts. The game’s battle system takes place on a 2D plane, but the camera angle constantly zooms and pans around a 3D background. This kind of thing already had a name — “2 1/2 D” — but 2DX sounds cooler.

The events in Star Renegades span generations, and part of playing the game involves fostering relationships between the players, so that they fall in love and produce offspring, creating the NEXT generation of fighters. You’re never too young to hold a laser weapon, little Jimmy!

Star Renegades currently has no release date, but Massive Damage is hard at work. Take a look at what “2DX” looks like below…

A gorgeous squad-based roguelite that seamlessly melds JRPG turn-based combat with tactical strategy. Join the rebellion and fight to end an endless interplanetary conflict that will span generations as you try to overthrow The Imperium. Lead your ambitious rebels toward victory by fostering camaraderie and friendships between squadmates to unlock powerful combos and possibly romance (and progeny). Face the challenge of overcoming adversaries that evolve as you do across an ever-changing campaign spanning many in-game generations.

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