Chrono Trigger just arrived on the PSN and it seems like a bevy of other fantastic RPGs are also on their way for Square Enix’s Winter of RPGs.

A long awaited title for PSN, Chrono Cross will be joining the ranks of fantastic PS1 games available for download via the Playstation Store. A sequel to what is possibly the best RPG I have ever played and Gamespot’s Game of the Year in 2000, this massive hit is dropping on November 8th.

Not content to just blow my mind once, Square Enix also announced Final Fantasy V, the title that truly expanded on the job system in previous games, will be thundering onto the platform on November 22nd.

Earlier I said what is possibly the best RPG I have every played, referencing Chrono Trigger, because the next announcement is the only game I feel gives Chrono Trigger a run for it’s money as my favorite RPG of all time. That’s right boys and girls Final Fantasy VI will be hitting the Playstation Store on December 6th.

So what’s the big deal about a bunch of crusty old RPGs you might ask? First you must be flayed and beaten for calling them crusty. Secondly we are talking about some of the greatest RPGs of all time here. While some of you might still have PS1s lying around or own three versions of the game, many of us don’t. My entire collection of PS1 classics was stolen and many have never even experienced these must own games.

I’ll definitely be in figurative line to download these as soon as they hit the Playstation Store and bask in the old school goodness.

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