THQ’s SpellForce 3 just launched its new expansion, Soul Harvest. While its main function is to serve as an add-on for SpellForce 3, it can also be purchased and played as a standalone game.

We could have stopped the storm, when we still had the chance”: Three years after the Purity Wars, Nortander is facing a new era. Two new factions, the Dark Elves and the Dwarves, are here to change the destiny of Eo, and it’s up to you, a disgraced General, to take action.

  • Build distinct heroes through various options and combinations on a skilltree
  • Lead your army to victory in a reworked sector-based RTS system
  • Use unique mechanics of your army units to win epic battles
  • Use flying units for even more advance tactics
  • Epic fantasy soundtrack and bleeding edge top down graphics

If you own SpellForce 3 you’ll receive an automatic 40% discount when you buy the Soul Harvest expansion (standalone cost is $24.99). There is also a Steam bundle available that will let you buy both SpellForce 3 and its expansion at once, and it’s also 40% off.

A Collector’s Edition exists for this release, and includes the game, the expansion, an eight-inch Sentenza figurine, the official soundtrack, an artbook, and replicas of two items from the game: the Godstone Amulet (2 inch / 5 cm) and an equippable Leather Bracelet. That one costs $79.99, and sorry, no discounts.