Sony has had a very rough 2015 so far, but when they go and do something like this, it makes feeling sorry for them difficult.

In a move I’m sure won’t bite them at all in the PR department, Sony is also planning another Ghostbusters movie, right after the all-female version, where the Busters are entirely men. To handle all these movies, Sony is starting a new company within itself called Ghostcorp that will handle all future films, spinoffs and merchandising deals.

When the femme-version was announced last year, there was a certain faction of society that howled “CHICKS IN MY GHOSTBUSTERS? NO DEAL, BRAH!” This faction was small and easily ignorable, but Sony appears to have bowed to their demands. This seems to be a problem for them lately. Bowing to terrorists is one thing, but bowing to Gamergaters is really crossing a line.

If we’re really getting two different versions of Ghostbusters coded to gender, it makes me VERY worried about the future of the franchise. When companies decide to segregate their products, they always cater to the broadest, most insulting stereotypes possible. Things targeted at women are full of yogurt and mimosas and crying and pink purses. Things targeted at men usually involve explosions, belching, scantily-clad models and genitalia jokes. Ghostbusters, by contrast, is a great movie because it caters to neither of these extreme demographics. The humor comes from wit and cleverness, and nothing gross is shoved in your face. Anyone can enjoy the 1984 original. But times change, huh?

Paul Feig’s female Ghostbusters movie is due out in the summer of 2016. The current plan is for the dude-bro version to follow it one year later, unless public outcry to this news is so negative that they pretend they never discussed it.

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