In 2014 Raiser Games and Protocol Games launched the first chapter of their survival horror series, Song of Horror. Six years later, they’re now putting the finishing touches on their fifth and final chapter. The saga will be complete on PC this May, and then it’s on to consoles!

The fifth chapter is called “The Horror And The Song” and contains the following features, which kinda require knowledge of the previous four chapters to understand the significance of. If you’ve played the first four, read ahead; if not, leap over the spoilers:

  • The former patients of Jeremy Hartwood Psychiatric Hospital now haunt its eerie hallways, enthralled by The Presence’s pull. Dive into the mind of the only person that listened to the song and survived to live another day through the unsettling memories of her doctor!
  • Lidia properly joins the adventure! She is Daniel’s guardian angel and responsible for helping him overcome his alcoholism. Her selfless drive pushes her to help Daniel once again, this time with a different kind of problem.
  • Witness the conclusion of your favorite characters and greet unexpected guests from the past. Their survival depends on your final actions in the story!
  • A bone-chilling epilogue that changes everything. Song of Horror’s last verse holds the final key to the story. How and why are The Presence and The Song connected? Will The Presence prevail over your characters?

Raiser and Protocol have also updated the previously released Episode 4 with new content. The patch should be live now, and adds these things:

  • More than 15 new events: unique scares, unexpected encounters, haunting sequences.
  • An original collectible: The Tarot Deck. Find five fate-altering cards to help you resist The Presence!
  • Deeper colour scheme: both the interiors and exteriors of St. Cecilia are now visually enhanced.
  • Improved sound ambient: events, animations, and scenes display better sounding effects.
  • Polished animations during scenes: we made some adjustments to characters to enhance the overall look of the cinematic moments

After Episode 5 is published, Song Of Horror will be released complete on consoles later this year. Raiser and Protocol will announce more details about that version later on.


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